June 23, 2017

Consumerism Feeds On Consumers

There is a very interesting flower that I see while on my hikes and rides into the forest around my home. It is a rare carnivorous variety called the round leafed sundew. It is a plant that eats meat.

"The plant feeds on insects, which are attracted to the glistening drops of mucilage, loaded with a sugary substance, covering its leaves. It has evolved this carnivorous behaviour in response to its habitat, which is usually poor in nutrients or is so acidic that nutrient availability is severely decreased.  
The plant uses enzymes to dissolve the insects – which become stuck to the glandular tentacles – and extract ammonia (from proteins) and other nutrients from their bodies. The ammonia replaces the nitrogen that other plants absorb from the soil, and plants that are placed in a high-nitrogen environment rely less upon nitrogen from captured insects."

This amazing plant reminds me of another entity that sucks the life out of things leaving only piles of waste behind: consumerism. So with apologies to the round leafed sundew, I make my comparison.

"The practice of consumerism feeds on consumers, which are attracted to loaded promises and glistening shiny things, heavy with cultural meaning and significance in a high stakes competitive environment. 
It has evolved this carnivorous behaviour in response to its habitat, which requires optimizing profit to the point that the well being of consumers not yet consumed by the system is severely decreased. 
Consumerism uses billions of dollars worth of propaganda, plus intense social pressure, to dissolve its prey's innate drive to be frugal and thrifty in all things. The prey becomes stuck to this system's sucking tentacles at all turns, and funds are withdrawn from their accounts and credit cards to the point of poverty. 
The drive for profits replaces all common sense, ethical considerations, and social/environmental rights, and companies that are placed in a high wealth environment rarely consider them at all.

People! It eats people! And everything else it can fit in its gaping maw. Imagine a tree-sized round leafed sundew enticing you with its sticky sweet tentacles, waiting to dissolve you completely for your cash and ultimately your life and your planet.

Consumerism has a voracious appetite for consumers, and resources, that can not be sated. This carnivore will eat everything you set in front of it until it pops from its own gluttonous behaviour.

Don't feed this un-natural beast. Living simply is the best way to avoid entrapment.

Once again, apologies to the round leafed sundew, which is just doing what comes naturally.


  1. Anonymous6/25/2017

    It's a destructive force, but it is connected with dopamine and consumerism provides a easy dopamine fix that is easy to get hold of. Computer games, junk food, junk entertainment alcohol and shopping are good examples.
    Best to practice simplicity and none attachment. The world is more interesting without being hooked on this garbage.
    We can learn from these subtle dimensions in nature and this plant has a certain lesson.

    1. Alex,

      It seems so simple, and yet we have such a problem with the facts. Unfortunately it is very profitable to spread propaganda and lies that keep us bound by the chains of greed and acquisitiveness. Nature is the best teacher - it only knows Truth.

    2. It's funny that since I've embraced minimalism and plant based/no oil I get way happier when I'm weeding/cleaning/donating and eating low on the food chain than I ever did making purchases or looking for entertainment. I've decided that the feeling of freedom has now become the best drug of all. I will say that plant based was hard to do at first and giving up oil was even harder, but my health is pretty great (more freedom) and giving up oil had an unusual benefit for me; it got rid of the rosacea
      I've had for 20 years and stopped the itching I've always had from certain herbs and spices. Why? Not a clue, but I'll take it.

    3. Anonymous6/26/2017

      Hi Deva, nice work and once you stop eating foods that stimulate, you start to notice holistic effects. That's why the yogi sattvic diet is important to cultivation.
      From what I've read oils damage the small intestine and kill good bacteria in the microbiome. The microbiome is the second nervous and immune systems and rosacea is connected with the immune response.

    4. Hi Alex: I'll look into the Yogi Sattvic diet - have not heard of that. I love that you and your wife are much more spartan minimalist than I am (yet?). It's been a long 16 year journey for me, but I've come a long way and although I am 65 I feel everyday is a new beginning. My husband has made great strides with me, although the oil free plant based way of life has been particularly difficult for him. We are hoping to be participants in a better way of life for this planet, our children and grandchildren. Actually, you were a major part of my doing the oil free vegan diet and I have to thank you for that. I have also read that oil coats the inside of your arteries slowing the flow of blood which can't be good. I hope everyone, no matter what their age, can look at our future and decide that it is worth making changes all the time. And Greg, this is by far my favorite blog! I feel peace and tranquility just logging on and reading your posts and the comments. Just wonderful. My regards to you and Linda and your future. You two are so inspiring. X0

    5. Anonymous6/27/2017

      Hi Deva, check out this site for recipes:
      Nuts and pure nut butters are good.
      I made pizza with some tahini dripped on top the other day.

    6. Deva and Alex,

      We are loving this discussion, and are grateful that you visit our blog, and take the time to leave wonderful comments from which we learn a great deal. We feel like we are learning and growing together with so many people that meet here on Not Buying Anything. Thank you all.

      And who doesn't need more peace and tranquility in their lives? Here, we are providing this for each other, and it feels good.

    7. Yes, Gregg it does feel good! This is truly a star among blogs. And thanks Alex for the straightupfood blog - complicated food has been a lot of work when you're doing plant based. This sight has some nice, simple healthy things that don't take too much time. I'll be trying some!


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