December 2, 2016

All You Need Is...

You can learn to be you, it is true, and it can be done with only two ingredients. Two FREE ingredients.

All you need is nature, all you need is nature,

All you need is nature, nature. Nature is all you need.

All you need is nature. (All together now).

All you need is nature. (Everybody).

All you need is nature, nature. Nature is all you need.

Nature is all you need.

Nature is all you need.

Love is vital, but the Beatles failed to include nature in one of their most famous tunes. Nature is the Universe expressing its love for all life.

Sing it. Feel it. Live it. It's free. It's everywhere. Living without nature, like trying to be yourself without love, is an impossible task.

All we need is biophilia.


  1. Anonymous12/02/2016

    I think the universe has combination of elements that constantly change until life appears. A bit like the geometry of a viral capsid. I think that's why people think that viruses are from outer space as they are small forms of the greater changing universe.
    Nature, love and compassion the building blocks of what our world should consist of.

    1. Alex,

      Culture trains us to go against our evolutionary programming. We are naturally cooperative and caring toward each other and the Earth, but we are trained to be otherwise so that some can profit from our misguided thinking.

      It can be simple, but we insist on believing complication can make life better. The recipe for a good life was written thousands of years ago, and has not really changed since.

  2. You have this right. I step outside routinely. Lately I've especially enjoyed the super bright crescent moon. I've spent hours outside at night gazing off into the wide expanse.

    1. Terri,

      One of the best things I have ever learned was the phases of the moon. Have watched it closely ever since. Happy waxing gibbous moon to you.


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