March 16, 2016

We Are Destroying Earth

Sure is hard, difficult and uncomfortable to be paying attention these days. You can ignore all the bad news if you wish, but the only way to make it go away permanently is to pay attention, then do something about it.

Thankfully, there are many good people that ARE doing something about it, including many of the readers of this blog and blogs like it. But we need more people. Way more. A critical mass of people that are pissed off and that won't take this crap any more.

The following is from Annarky's Blog, a place I visit daily.

"It is now obvious that the corporate world, is destroying the planet. Ground water is contaminated, rivers are polluted, oceans and seas are poisoned, glaciers are melting, forests are stripped bare. Natural habitats disappear under a carpet of tarmac and industrial constructions, more and more species become extinct. All this is done for profit to benefit the few. If we continue as we are doing, it is only a matter of time before the species responsible for this insane destruction of our planet will join the ever growing list of extinct species. 
Where does the state stand in all this? Take a glance around and it becomes obvious. Where resistance to this killing of the planet grows and gets in the way of corporate profit, the state apparatus, as the corporate world's hit squad, moves in and attempts to crush that resistance to the corporate greed and insanity."

Read more at:, and thank you for paying attention and taking action. While no one can do everything, everyone can do something.


  1. Anonymous3/18/2016

    And as we all digest this post and the rest of the bad news around the world everyone should google 'live cam bald eagles National Arboretum'. There is a nesting pair of bald eagles who have been sitting on two eggs for a long time. This morning [3/18/16] the first eaglet hatched. Last year the same couple (they mate for life) brought up one little eaglet in the nest and returned this year to do it again. Thanks to the endangered species list the bald eagle has gone from 500 nesting pairs at their lowest point to almost 10,000 nesting pairs now! Yaaaayyy!

    After watching we all might make a short list of 3 things we'll do today to help our ailing planet get well. Just 3 things! Like, don't let the water run when you're rinsing dishes. Cancel your newspaper subscription and get one online. Don't eat any animal products today - just today. Not forever and always. One day at a time. One thing at a time. Greg's blog helps us all come together to share the responsibility of being good stewards of the earth. Every little bit counts so it's important not to feel helpless and not to think 3 little things won't make a difference. Let's work together and spread the word as well. D

    1. Thanks for sharing the good news about the eagles - we all need that sort of good news to keep our energy up :-)


    2. I read one of Canada's premiere environmentalists said that he thought that the environmental movement had failed. While we haven't done everything, we have done a lot. The eagle recovery is one of those things.

      We watched a pair of eagles from home the other day. They were soaring together high in the sky, and locked talons several times while we watched. Awesome to see.

      Click here to see the eagle webcam mentioned above.

    3. Anonymous3/21/2016

      Awwww. What a beautiful sight that must have been - and holding "hands" haha! I don't think the environmental movement has failed as much as too many people failing to be part of the movement. You can make a person aware that a problem exists, but you can't make them do something about it. Your tireless crusading is so important. Keep it up. D


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