July 2, 2015

10 Ways To Tell You Might Be Living Simply

Is a bike your main vehicle? You might be living simply.

There are as many ways to practice simplicity as there are people. Everyone can engage in simplicity, but how do you know when you are doing it? 

Here are 10 ways to tell you might be living simply:

1. You get 8 or more hours of sleep every night, and don't wake to an alarm.
2. You know your neighbours.
3. You life is so low-stress you don't need to take vacations.
4. You have the time to do the things most important to you.
5. You have clothes with holes in them.
6. Your home has wheels.
7. Your guests have to bring their own plate, cup and cutlery when they come over for a meal (maybe a chair, too).
8. You have more space than stuff.
9. You work to live, rather than live to work.
10. You have a front yard vegetable garden instead of a lawn.

How do YOU tell when you are living simply?


  1. Anonymous7/03/2015

    Ah, I'm so happy to see that I can check almost all items on your list, which was far to be the case not so long ago. I'm making a mental note to get better at 2., though (and about 6., hum- I have to think about it ;-)
    How about that one: your pillows have old, mismatched pillowcases, and you think your bed looks really darn pretty?

    1. Mismatched pillowcases, sheets and bedspread. Just as comfortable. Funny that...

  2. Ah, love this fresh way of looking at living simply. Feels positive.
    Very nice, Gregg.

    1. Thanks, Terri. I do try to keep things positive. Much more fun that way.

  3. Hmmmm. I know i'm living simply when it feels like I have enough time to do everything and I spend as much time outside as inside. If I don't have enough time to work in my garden and walk my dogs my life is way out of balance. I also laugh a lot more when I'm living simply :-)


    1. I so agree about laughter. When Linda and I realize we haven't had a good laugh for a while, we know there is something wrong.

  4. Anonymous7/04/2015

    11. You live barefoot. You don't have to buy shoes or socks, you don't have to clean any shoes or wash any socks, you don't need space to store them, you don't have to decide which ones to wear. Instead you enjoy the wonderful feeling of the Earth under your soles... Try it!

    1. Anonymous7/05/2015

      I'm all for naked feet most of the time. When it's sub zero here, I do wear shoes if I leave the house.

    2. Shoes are a rip off, but as Miss Marla points out, they do come in handy for cool weather. But right now in the heat of summer, they are definitely optional.

  5. Funny, my mind has been on this subject lately. I washed the bed linen, the mattress pad made it back on the bed, the sheets didn't. I added a blanket for cover, a clean pillow case and just called it good. It's worked so well that I've done the routine twice. No sheets on my bed for a month now! I've been wondering if I really need sheets at all?! I actually like the "less confinement" feel of no sheet, especially the top one. Less to launder too.


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