February 14, 2015

More Love

To this I would add:

  • more peace
  • more forgiveness
  • more kindness
  • more understanding
  • more compassion
  • more sharing
  • more humility
  • more freedom
  • more cooperation

And considering the state of the world these days, I would add more peace again. Lots more peace. Maybe if we had more love we would have more peace... and all the rest of the things mentioned above.

So, MORE LOVE - it's free so let's spread that stuff around liberally. Give it away, give it away, give it away, now.


  1. Definitely more love and peace...maybe more listening would help them along?

    1. Charlotte,

      Good listeners are definitely in short supply. Too many "leaders" love to hear themselves talk.

  2. Anonymous2/18/2015

    I like more listening. I would add more connecting.
    Thoughtful list, Gregg.



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