December 19, 2014

Where Do NBA Visitors Live?

In the comments on a recent post, Terri and I had a brief discussion about where NBA visitors live. It is something I think about a lot - where do the almost 300,000 visits to NBA come from?

Since 2008 when this blog was started in the throes of the Great Recession, we have had visits from 204 regions of the planet. You can define "country" in a variety of ways, but official lists vary between 195 and 249.

I figure 204 regions constitutes a UN of simple living advocates. We love to hear from readers everywhere. The sharing of experiences in simplicity helps promote an idea whose time has come. Again.

From consumer nations where simple living is still considered an oddity, to places where simplicity has always been the way, your comments are a valuable archive of wisdom and practice from which we can all learn.

And now, the top 10 countries with highest numbers of visits to NBA are:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. Netherlands
  6. India
  7. Philippines
  8. Germany
  9. France
  10. Brazil

While visits from 204 countries is impressive, Linda and I really appreciate readers taking the time to leave comments. These comments are very inspiring and we appreciate the lessons we learn from them. 

Keep 'em coming, and we will continue to respond to them as often as we can. 

Thanks for visiting the NBA blog.


  1. Anonymous12/20/2014

    Just stopped by to say Hello! --- I am from Australia.It would be great if you reading this and post a few words and the place you are reading from.Saffron

    1. Saffron,

      Good to hear from you. It is awesome that so many Australians visit, and comment, here. I like your idea a lot, and hope we hear from many other readers.

  2. Heartening to see the spread of your followers! Keep chipping away!

    1. Happy Christmas, Saffron! I'm from the UK.

  3. Anonymous12/20/2014

    Happy Solstice! I'm live in Ohio, USA.

  4. Happy Holidays and Happy Solstice to everyone from me and Linda, who are snuggling down in Nova Scotia, Canada.

  5. Anonymous12/21/2014

    Hi, love the blog, from the UK here.

  6. Also from Uk! I follow your blog and love all you stand for!

  7. A little late to the party, but wanted to chime in. I love your blog, Gregg. I'm from Northwest Ohio

  8. Anonymous12/30/2014

    Greetings! I'm Terri from South Carolina, USA (I'm not from here, I've just lived here a very long time!)
    Love your blog!


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