December 10, 2014

International Human Rights Day

Since our human rights are being extinguished more and more regardless of where on the planet we live, with each passing year International Human Rights Day takes on more importance.

This day of celebrating what every human being deserves began on December 10, 1948 with the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Human Rights Day is a reminder of how undemocratic systems of government and abuse of authority can lead to injustice, oppression and violence - examples are far too numerous and depressing, both past and present.

After decades of paying lip service to human rights, and the occasional step in the right direction, today we are in danger of losing any gains we have made over centuries of struggle against the oppressors.

In Canada it seems like the only rights we have now are to:

1) go shopping and buy shit wherever and whenever we want.

2) vote every four years for one of the two basically identical pro-capitalist gangs masquerading as political parties (Green Party and NDP are acceptable alternatives).

3) work low wage, slave labour jobs for our masters benefit.

4) read and believe all the lies and propaganda geared to make us fearful and compliant, and 

5) shut up.

Speaking out in Canada under our present government is likely to get one on the government's Nixonian Enemies List. You will be surveilled, and perhaps even visited by the authorities - you could be, after all, a terrorist or green guerrilla that stands in the way of corporate profits.

If we don't fight for our rights today (and every day) we will lose them. This is the day to plan collective action to ensure this does not happen. It is time to halt the erosion of our natural human rights and live as equal members on planet Earth safe from unchecked greed and consumerism.


  1. Your Government sounds suspiciously like ours in the UK. The main parties make sure that people voting for smaller ones (like the Greens) don't have a real say by denying us proportional representation.

    1. Charlotte,

      There was a vote on proportional representation in the Canadian parliament just a few days ago. 110 members of parliament voted FOR changes to our unfair electoral system, which is a good outcome.

      However, the ruling "majority" government (that had about 39% of the popular vote last election and now has 100% of the power) had enough votes against to stop fairness from seeping in to our election process... this time.

      It will be voted on again I am certain, and support is building.

  2. Anonymous12/10/2014

    USA Federal government is the same, then state by state here there are some differences, with a few states making some progress with alternative choices. Sadly not where I live in Ohio.


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