March 28, 2013


Practices for Grateful Living 

  • Begin and end the day with giving thanks
  • Tell at least 3 people you interact with during the day what you appreciate about them
  • Send a card, note, or leave a voicemail of gratitude
  • Send an e-card or e-mail of gratitude to someone
  • Write a poem about being grateful
  • Declare a fast from complaints for period of time
  • Create a piece of art that reflects gratitude
  • Journal daily about how you experienced gratitude
  • Find quotes about gratefulness and repeat one during the day
  • Play songs that inspire gratitude during day

"Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot." 
- Hausa proverb, Nigeria


  1. Replies
    1. It tends to put a whole new perspective on things. We come in to this world with nothing, and yet we are already rich.

  2. Hello Gregg and Linda,

    This post inspired me to share with you how grateful I've been to be reading your blog! I was introduced a while back via reddit. Your posts serve as meaningful reminders about the daily joys to be had in a more deliberate life. Thank you!


    1. Brett, Welcome to another Redditor! I moderate on r/simpleliving - lots of good stuff happening there.

      We are glad you found us.


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