January 7, 2013

Sustainable Energy Monday

Wind and solar generation using the MPS, or something similar, can help wean us from fossil fuel dependent grid power
Sustainable energy systems aren't only better than fossil fuel fired generating stations for reducing ecological damage, but they can help wean us from dependence on grid power as well.

In my area winter power outages are an annual occurrence as strong winds topple tall trees onto power lines. In 2006 we went almost a week without power after the worst winter wind storm since the 1960s. We got off lucky - the building next door had its roof torn off. A mobile power system would have come in handy.

Around the world extreme weather puts grid power at risk. Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to millions of customers, some for weeks. Green energy could help provide some relief.

The shipping container-based power station shown above is a power source that could be used in off-grid applications, or after losing grid power. A company called Skybuilt is selling them, but the general idea could be easily imitated to provide power for one or more families permanently, or in case of emergency.

This sustainable energy station would fit right in with a container home.

From the Skybuilt website:
"The Mobile Power System is a complete power station in a standard shipping container. It can be transported by truck, train, ship or plane. (1 - 50+ KW total power generation) 
At the site, you can deploy solar panels or wind turbines for self-generated power. They set up in minutes to hours, and operate for years with little or no maintenance, fuel, or logistics. Or, green power can be supplemented with diesel, propane, natural gas or gasoline-powered generators.
The interior of the MPS can be used for anything—air-conditioned office space, telecommunications, medical center, emergency operations/command center or storage."
Or perhaps the inside of the container could be used as a cabin, or tiny home, or writers retreat. Or a workshop.

Entirely off grid, and green. 

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