December 10, 2012

No Christmas Madness Monday

You don't have to cancel Christmas, but Green Santa advises canceling the consumption part.

Every year North Americans celebrate Christmas through an elaborate and expensive ritual that stresses most people to the breaking point, financially as well as emotionally. Linda and I responded to the continuous ramping up of holiday expectations by de-emphasizing consumer Christmas in favour of a simple solstice celebration.

We are not religious, nor do we participate in consumerism, so we choose to miss the madness. Besides, what do you get for the person who wants nothing?

Answer - It's not stuff.

At this stage of the environmental game we have to start looking at all aspects of our lives and seek more radical solutions. A green Christmas is only a transition from an over-the-top consumer pig out to an all out buy nothing Christmas.

Besides, Canadians on average are 163% in debt. Even if consumer Christmas was a good idea, who can afford it? And even if you could afford it, can the planet?

I know - Scrooge. Oh well, Scroogley times call for Scroogley measures.

The NBA No Christmas Madness Solution

We have freed ourselves from the madness. How?
  1. No decorations.
  2. No tree.
  3. No cards.
  4. No gifts.
  5. No holiday away.
What we do is eat healthy food in good company - it is cold and dark out there after all. We go for walks in the woods, then return to our home for a hot beverage. And on that special day when the planet makes the transition to longer days, we light a candle and give thanks.


  1. We are doing this same thing at our house this year and just calling it "Zero Christmas".

  2. Anonymous12/19/2012

    Bleh. I just died from boredom.

    1. I'll tell Santa to cross you off his list.


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