December 15, 2012

Attention Shoppers: Rethink The Season

From Adbusters

As we max out our credit cards, we hope we will become America's economic heroes – saving the nation from the fiscal cliff. But instead, we plummet further into a complicated recession, and as our spirits sink once again, the economists coo into our ears that there is a way out – consume more, they say! This is the paradox of our addiction – filling the void only to fall deeper into it.

We're in a state of “pathological consumption,” George Monbiot explains, “a world-consuming epidemic of collective madness, rendered so normal by advertising and the media that we scarcely notice what has happened to us.”

The call to consume less – where it is heard – is denounced as pedantic, naive, authoritarian, even insane.

Decide for yourself where the insanity lies.

Read the rest of our #BuyNothingChristmas statement (a.k.a our brief, vehement, timely rant on consumerism) here:


  1. After yesterday's tragedy in Newtown CT, it's clear that we need to spend more time with our children and stop thinking that expensive presents=love. Perhaps the awakening will now begin.

    1. Yes, it definitely puts things into perspective. Something like that lets us remember that just being together is the most important part.

      We need each other, not stuff.

      Love = love. Sending some out to CT, and to all of you.

      Let the awakening begin.

  2. namakemono12/15/2012

    Love the photo!! That`s what I need to be doing about now!

    1. I think we would all benefit from a bit of peace and tranquility.

  3. Thank you for this! Just the reminder I needed right now as Christmas draws near.

    1. Have a happy non-consumer Christmas.


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