March 8, 2012

Deviate From The Norm Today

Important life lesson from Mr. Zappa
The world needs anti-authoritarians and misfits, malcontents and dreamers. It needs courageous individuals willing to throw their bodies into a pit of fire, and dare to do things differently than those around them. People that can resist the persuasive forces of "the majority" and do what is right, rather than what is popular.

The world needs brave individuals to break out of current ways of thinking, question authority, and challenge unjust laws and practices. Many are heeding the call.

There are a growing number of rebels and free thinkers out there conducting exciting and fruitful experiments in alternate forms of low-impact, high-quality living. Some of them read this blog. They are breaking free of their cultural programming and living simple, more sustainable lifestyles, contrary to the hubris and greed around them.

Many NBA readers, and others, refrain from the damaging ways that society considers 'normal'. They are deviating from the norm, and thank goodness for that. In doing so, they are creating healthier norms, fueling progress, and realizing a better world.

As Bruce Cockburn said, "The trouble with normal is it only gets worse." I am sure Frank Zappa would have agreed.

So what are you waiting for? Deviate from the norm today. Don't do what is expected. Be bold, be yourself. Make progress possible. It's fun.


  1. Anonymous3/08/2012


  2. I deviated to my own devices rather well today. There was a young man with a hungry and homeless sign in front of the local fast food restaurant at lunch. I drove into the parking lot, got out and asked if he would like to dine with me. We talked about a Western book he was currently reading and before long we went our separate ways. It was nice.

    1. Wonderful! We definitely need more of this kind of caring and interest in each other's well-being.

      Thank you for sharing.


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