February 6, 2012

Tiny Home Monday

280 sq.ft. tiny home on Bowen Island, BC, Canada

Tiny homes are making a comeback, and not only because of the Great Recession. Tiny homes provide a simple, energy efficient, sustainable dwelling at an affordable cost.

Tiny homes challenge our notions of need as well as the minimum-size bylaws of most neighbourhoods.

There are many creative ways to live a tiny home lifestyle. However, we will have to change bylaws and planning departments, as well as the 'bigger is better' mentality before tiny homes become a realistic alternative.

We need a housing industry that is based on respect for nature, and can provide sustainable, affordable, mini-homes for the masses.

How many people, if they were offered a mini home alternative, would choose it over a conventional home complete with large footprint and a massive mortgage? Would you?

See more creative tiny homes here.


  1. I went on the link...so cool! Some of them are positively dreamy. I like the idea of one on wheels or one that can be popped on the back of a semi-truck and moved somewhere new. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Geneviève,

      We like the idea of mobility, too. I think a yurt would be ideal for that reason.

  2. In answer to your last question; YES! :)


  3. Jay's Tiny House Tour is fantastic! Thank you for the link. I appreciate how he does what is right for him without alienating others. I am already a convert, but perhaps viewers with large homes will find something in his demeanor that is attractive, then try a similar experiment. Small is better, at least for me.:)

    1. Erin, You are so right about running the risk of alienating others. I try to think in a pro-simplicity manner rather than a possibly more abrasive anti-complexity stance.

      Most of us prefer the carrot over the stick.


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