August 4, 2011

I Cut My Own Hair

Do you cut yours?
I cut my own hair again. Most people would consider that in the category of frugal living, or more than likely, just plain crazy. But for me it is fun, free, liberating and empowering.

I did the deed on a day I had a headache, and I think that helped. I felt like cutting out some of that negative energy, and my lengthening hair was the perfect target. It had been wanting cutting for some time.

I was not attached to a particular outcome as I stood in the bathroom with the scissors poised and threatening. I just wanted to have shorter, neater hair, without making an appointment, going for the haircut, then paying precious dollars for it. I looked in the mirror and started hacking.

This is the third time I have self-coiffed. All I do is pull my dry hair up away from the scalp between two fingers, then cut a few centimeters off right above the fingers and hope for the best. I repeat this around my head, trim around the ears and bangs, then clean up my neck with electric clippers. It was all over in about 10 minutes and it felt great.

So how did I make out? Well, my partner in simple living tells me I did a fine job (I think she is being sincere). She said that the back was cut straight across, that I had used the clippers effectively to clean up, and that the overall effect was 'acceptable'. That seems hard for me to believe, but she has since gone out in public with me so she might actually be telling me the truth.

This is not completely surprising since before we started doing our own hair cutting we did research at the public library. We borrowed some resources that covered basic hair care to get us started, and discovered that we already owned everything we needed as far as tools were concerned (sharp scissors, comb, spray bottle to wet hair, electric clippers, sheet).

We also discovered that it is fun to thumb our noses at fashion and take charge of our own 'look', if you can call it that. It might also be fun to one day get proficient enough to be able to cut other victims people's hair. It would be a great skill to have as one could use it to barter for things. I wonder if I would need malpractice insurance?

"Will cut hair for food." Any takers out there?


  1. I cut my own hair, sometimes my husband's hair, my daughter's hair and my nieces' and nephew's hair. I've cut my sister's and her husband's hair a couple of times.. And I'm not trained to do so. Just handy with the scissors. I like that it's free and I can do it any time I want to and I trust myself more than the hair stylists. One of my friends is a hair stylist, and we go to her sometimes, but I only go as a treat, because it's fun to chat with her and drink coffee, and nice to support her business. Usually I'm too lazy and just trim my own hair.

  2. Anonymous3/05/2015

    I've cut my family's hair for a long time. It's been a financial success, and also very time saving, as this usually occurs after sunday breakfast in the kitchen while we plan the week. I've cut my own hair too, and I color it, using only a portion of the package (mixing equal parts of each component in another container or on in a saucer) and a small paintbrush. The result is acceptable (or better).
    The haircut is usually followed by the "Sunday Shower" the only time in the week were there is time to spend more than 2 minutes enjoying the nice hot water. Minor hair length adjustments are done afterwards.
    Up till last sunday this has worked like clockwork, however, due to less frequent haircuts, our russian electric clipper now needs more substantial maintanance after only 12 years (what is the world coming to?). So with one thing and another my husband showed up to work on monday with a large bald patch on the back of his head. I kept the hair surrounding the patch longer and believe this has mitigated the catastrophe somewhat (I hope).
    However dreadful this is I am unable to stop laughing at myself and this very slapstick situation, but only on the inside. I do see how this is bad, but it is also very rebellious.

    1. We are definitely into rebellious when it comes to haircutting (and just about everything else). Congratulations on doing it yourself, saving money, and not giving in to the pressures of people who want you to pay for everything you do in life. It is very satisfying to refuse to cooperate with the dark side.


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