February 20, 2011

Spending Time Being

Where is the section for "Do Nothing"?

One of the best things about living simply is the increase in leisure time over the regular work schedule with 2 weeks off a year. Having a more relaxed schedule gives me time
to do things that are important to me, such as just being. This is a scary thing to do for most of us, and it was for me at first, too.

North Americans are not very good at doing nothing. In 2005 it was found that for all persons over age 15 there were 5.1 hours of leisure time on an average day. Fully half of that time is taken up watching TV. Check out the other categories above, but notice that there is no slice of the pie for "Do Nothing". We don't do nothing very well.

In our perpetual busy lives we are addicted to doing. We are programmed to be producing something at all times. Otherwise, we feel we are wasting our time. I am just as guilty as anyone - my default is doing, not being. But with more time, I am getting better at taking time for me to be.  

I am able to give myself being time, but can become impatient when I feel that nothing worthwhile is happening. But over the months something is happening, and I feel subtle and positive changes. 

Being time is very important. It nourishes and replenishes our energies so we can continue to give and do. I can feel how spending time not doing improves the time I spend doing. I am more able and energetic. More relaxed and unflappable in the face of life.

Being time is also a time to tap into our inner guidance and inspiration. It is a time to allow our intuition to help steer us through decision making in novel and creative ways. A time to regain our balance. 

Time spent in calm, quiet, and centeredness is never time wasted. Try it and do nothing. Be patient. Give yourself the gift of ceasing doing, even for a short while. Sometimes the best action to take is no action at all.

"To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual."
-- Oscar Wilde  

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  1. Anonymous7/18/2014

    I read somewhere that the "Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time." I have just found your site and am enjoying catching up on it. Thanks, Debbie


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