February 11, 2011

The Power Of The People

Happy, free, victorious Egyptians feeling the power of the people
As I write this I am watching Al Jazeera and listening to the celebratory roar of the victorious crowd massed in Liberation Square in Cairo, Egypt. The power of the people, as it always eventually does, has freed the citizens. Decades of Mubarak's dictatorial rule have ended. Peaceful protest has overcome the greedy and the mean.

This gives me great hope that billions of people enduring their own hardships after centuries of predation by the greedy will also one day soon be victorious. On a planet where 80% of the resources are consumed by 20% of the population, freedom for all is difficult to attain. But, as we have seen in Tunisia and Egypt in recent days, it does not take long for the power to shift.

The people were protesting rising food prices, rampant unemployment, oppression of human rights, and corruption. Yikes, this sounds like complaints made by literally billions of people worldwide. They will be buoyed by the success in the Middle East.

The greedy and the mean all over the globe are trembling in their snake skin boots - will they be next to go? There are more of us than there are of them. We have the power.

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