November 7, 2010


One of the biggest differences in my life since adopting a slower, lower footprint lifestyle has been the amount of time I have. Some might say too much time. But I have never heard anyone say they wished they had less time to do the things they enjoy.

I like to have large chunks of undisturbed time that my life can expand into. Of course planning is required in order to meet our goals, but I also like to wander, meander, and dawdle, and let life take its course. Maybe I am easily amused, but I do like to release the illusion that I am in control and let life take over.

What I have found is that when I let go of all expectations and judgment, and go with the flow of the minutia of daily life, things begin to change. The only way I can describe the overall feeling is that of being child-like. Spontaneity, joy, creativity, the giggles, and a boundless appreciation for little things. My sense of time begins to distort like a Salvador Dali melting clock, and I am less aware of my physical surroundings.

One recent example was the other day while cooking. I was sorting dried chick peas in a meditative trance using the philosophy of "when you eat a banana, REALLY eat the banana". I was really sorting those beans and allowing myself to be absorbed in the task.

Before I knew it, I had created a two dimensional sculpture without really trying. I used garbanzo beans for the shape of a tree, and dried kidney bean pods for the ground.

I share the results below:

Spontaneous art, or supper?

When our lives are rushed, and planned for every minute, we miss out on the surprises and gifts that always surround us, waiting to be noticed. The universe is full of people, moments, and processes that can instill delight in our experience of life.

A recent advertising campaign reminds drivers that "when you slow down you see more".

It is the same for all of life. Slow down - live more.

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