November 23, 2010

Extreme Frugal Living: Cutting Your Own Hair

Warning: cutting your own hair can have unintended consequences
Sometimes children, the little mini-rebels that they are, will cut their own hair. Why? Because there is something strangely fun and liberating about it. I know. I have been cutting (or should I say 'hacking') my own hair for about a year now.

Over the past few years my partner, Linda, has been cutting my hair. I have always been happy with the results. This is not surprising because we did a fair amount of research before we delved into home haircutting. We consulted on-line resources, but found books from the library to be the best source of hair help for beginners.

But who hasn't looked in the mirror at some point or another and felt the urge to pick up those shiny, sharp scissors and just start cutting? I have been giving in to this urge lately. I try to remember what the books taught, but essentially I am enjoying the freedom to simply hack at will. Damn the latest coiffure craze - let fate decide the outcome.

I realize that self-styling one's hair is an option few will choose. Most will say that for what it costs you might as well have it done right by a professional. But there are reasons beyond money to increase your self-reliance.

For one, the kids are right - it IS fun to cut your own locks. It is fun to take charge of your own life and feel the surge of satisfaction at being able to take care of business. How can I control my life if I can't even control my hair?

Then there is the challenge of learning a new skill. What you learn about your own hair can be applied to the hair of other willing victims. You could cut your partner's hair. Or you could trade haircuts for food.

And finally, there is the thrill of victory when you fluke out and give yourself a good cut. For free! Conversely, you can experience the pain of defeat like the little guy in the picture above. But it is possible to leave an expensive hair salon with the pain of defeat. It has happened to me, and probably everyone else that has ever paid for hair care.

Ultimately, though, it is just fun to pick up the scissors and slice off a chunk here and there. I have gotten better over the months, and when I am not so successful, either Linda does damage control, or I wear a hat. Or cut the whole mess down to bristles, which is also fun and liberating.

Whatever the case, it is true frugal living at its most dangerous and thrilling. Do try this at home... carefully.

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