May 12, 2010

NBA Post Included In 100 Best Blog Posts For Extreme Budgeting

This blog is about not buying anything. It is also about not selling anything. All content is free and untainted by advertising and commerce. My aim is to learn, share, and build community, not make a profit. Therefore, I must look for non-monetary rewards.

Considering this, I am happy to report that a Not Buying Anything post, Extreme Frugal Living: The Ultimate Household Budget was recently included in an on line education web site's 100 Best Blog Posts For Extreme Budgeting. The list is geared toward students, but is applicable to everyone. Link to the 100 Best Blog Posts here. It is quite a comprehensive and useful list.

Also, The Tyee: "BC's home for news, culture and solutions", picked up NBA for inclusion in its BC Blogs List. They have also listed my other blog Vancouver Island Big Trees.

These links help validate my little corner of the Internet, and although I enjoy intrinsic benefits from the writing and creativity involved in blogging, external feedback is a powerful motivator. Whether it is comments, or emails, followers, or people linking to my sites, these are all small guideposts that keep me joyfully engaged in sharing my adventures in learning.

Since last summer this blog has attracted over 4400 visits. Perhaps the time is slowly coming for the adoption of living with less in developed nations. Living better with less.

Thank you to all the visitors that have made this endeavor a growing enterprise. And all without cash trading hands. Not Buying Anything - not selling anything. Feedback gratefully accepted.

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