December 17, 2017

In Winter Enjoy

Sun's rays hitting Mughenge in my kitchen, about an hour before sunset.

"In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy."

"Where man is not nature is barren."

- William Blake (1757-1827)


  1. Your kitchen looks peaceful :-)


    1. Madeleine,

      Our kitchen on the west coast did not have any windows since we were in a tiny apartment. Our east coast home has two windows in the kitchen, so we are really enjoying spending time there. Which is good - one should not have any reasons to not be in the kitchen - that is when bad food decisions happen.

      It is nice when a kitchen (and home) is a space conducive to good vibes. The food tastes better that way.

  2. I like your Mudhenge and the beam of light. Thanks to you, I am getting into winter solstice more than ever before. It's been very meaningful. There is clay crock that sits on the center of my dining table. It has round rocks I've collected all over the U.S and a few other countries. While having breakfast this morning, I created some nature art with the rocks. Very zen. Meditative. A wonderful way to start the day.

    1. Terri,

      Wonderful. There is a reason humans have been celebrating this time of year for so very long. Glad it is becoming more meaningful for you. Hopefully this will be a trend for us all. We need new, meaningful rituals instead of more shopping.

    2. We sure do Gregg. I think you are onto something. Replacing things that don't work with new traditions that don't trash the planet so much. I like "new, meaningful rituals." Some friends of mine did some Yule/Solstice celebrations with their kids this year.

  3. What a beautiful picture! It reminds me of a Shaker interior - everything plain, simple, beautiful and useful. A perfect picture for quiet meditation.


    1. Sophie,

      That is the philosophy that guides all of our possessions. Anything less is something that gets in the way. The sooner it is gone, the better. I like a simple space where I can think and breathe without distraction.


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