November 9, 2016

The Dissenters

"The dissenter is every human being at those moments of their life when they resign momentarily from the herd and thinks for themselves.”
- Archibald Macleish

Well, America, this should be interesting. Dissent is healthy in a democracy, so we will have to wait and see what happens. Best of luck.

Just in case you are wondering, your neighbours to the north have lots of room for polite political refugees, although you might want to wait before checking us out online. Our immigration website crashed last night.

You could always ask a Vietnam War conscientious objector that has been living here for the past few decades - it's really quite nice. My sister is married to one of these beautiful people. He wouldn't kill for the state, and we welcomed him with open arms. We will welcome you, too.

Or you could stay home, and help make America great again. Either way, it is going to be an interesting next four years.


  1. Interesting times for sure Gregg. I am both deeply saddened and deeply worried by this result. Many Australians are stunned by it, and even my younger students have strong opinions about the results. I have a feeling the generation coming up will be very politically active and turn the tide in a more sane direction.


  2. As one of your friendly neighbors to the south, I am stunned, too. We (even Republicans!) thought it would be a Clinton landslide. Wow. Seeing the division of this country is sobering and chilling. Sadly, Trump's supporters often saw him as incompetent and ill-suited for the job of President. Yet they still voted for them...this shows the power of mysogyny and misinformation. I truly don't think they're ready for what they've asked for. And many Democrats sat the election out, thinking they were helping the system by refusing to participate in it. I imagine they will soon see the error of that line of reasoning.
    My state, Texas, is traditionally red, though many counties (big cities) go to the Democrats. I so wish that purple were an option on those electorate maps. A large, red image of Texas (or any state) gives the wrong idea to the world. Things are definitely not black-and-white; there are plenty of progressives among us! My hope is that the rest of the world keeps this in mind as the bull is let loose in the china shop, so to speak.
    I am sad for my country this morning, and even more sad for the world. Our policies and culture impact everyone and there is a lot of fear and uncertainly in the air.
    The solution, as I see it, is to put down the political rhetoric, then pick up a conversation with someone and see them as human - we all really want the same thing, when it comes down to it: security, love, and connection.
    It is a shame that those needs get covered by fear and its child, hate.
    Here's to more light as we navigate the choppy waters ahead.
    -Erin in TX

  3. Hi Gregg,

    I'm in Ohio. I am still in shock tonight. It seems unbelievable that this man could get elected. Today at work I had to listen to new levels of anti-Obama and of course anti-Hillary talk, because the farming co-op I work at is totally Republican, and intolerant. I am the only Democrat. The one good conversation I had was with the one young person at my work (my coworkers are all older than me, and I am in my late 50s). He was surprised to know I am a democrat and he sat down across from me and said: "Oh no. You must not be very happy today." With true empathy. We had a good conversation for about 20 minutes. We need more good conversations like these with each other. I was grateful for the conversation.
    The solution seems to be to counter the hate with love. It will be a hard walk, but I think we as citizens have to do that.
    It is, however, nice to know that Canada is not so far away :)
    Finally, thank you so much for being here. Writing your blog and reaching out to us - your neighbors to the south on this very very sad day for many of us.

    1. I feel your pain, Karen. I've spent time in Ohio and lived in Missouri and Kansas for years, so know a little about the climate there. I worked at the elections office in my county for a couple of weeks before election day and on election day. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. I'm silenced on the details, but there is a large group of people who are belligerent and quite hostile. The most distressing part is the boldness people have speaking out such hatred and the intolerance of anyone who sees things another way. And the assumption that everyone feels the same hateful way that you do. I feel my voice is very small; it's drowned out by the energy of the anger around me. I think you are right, we have to step forward in love, hang together and hope for the best. This blog is a life-saver for me. Thank you Gregg and Linda for providing a place for us to gather, to be heard and to grow stronger as we proceed through life.

    2. I'm in Ohio also and saw nothing but Trump support in my neighbors and in some family members. It seems I didn't really know what was in people's hearts until they felt emboldened by the ugliness they heard coming from our now president elect. I will try to go forward with love and peace, but it will be difficult to not see these folks forever in a different light.

  4. When I went to bed last night at 2 AM, I hoped I would wake up and this would have been a bad dream. Instead, I woke to see the New York Times announcing our new real-life nightmare.

    Thank you for your empathy and invitation to come to Canada. My daughter text me about 11 PM last night. The message said, "O Canada." I've been to the Canada Citizenship and Immigration website. It is up and running but it moving a little slow.

    One of the great things about Not Buying Anything is the international participation. Thanks Madeleine for letting us know how Australia is reacting. You too Erin. Here in South Carolina there is shock with the few people I have talked to. I've gotten messages like, "Unbelievable." "This is awful." and someone text and said, "I'm sad for all the women in my life who thought we had finally gotten there but get him instead."

    The media on NPR and PBS are mourning and wondering how they got it so wrong.

    I too am very sad. Agree with you Erin, if purple was a color on the map, it would be more representative of who we are. It would be nice to see the counties drawn on those maps too. Many counties would be purple and blue.

    I often contemplate relocation. When I looked at that map this morning, I wondered where would I go? The blue states are more expensive to live in. Discouraging.

    With both candidates being 69 and 70 years old, I figured whoever we get it will probably only get them for one term, 4 years. We can only hope.

    Side notes: I was in Australia in 2004 for 3 weeks. I traveled your glorious east coast from Caines to Syndney. Had a wonderful time. You live in a beautiful place. I follow a really neat blog out of Australia called, "Mildly Extreme."

    Erin, I've lived in Texas several places; Stephenville (3 yrs), Pampa (2 yrs), and Waco and Killeen briefly. I was just out there a month ago. I'm not from Texas or South Carolina. I am not really from anywhere. I've moved all my life since birth. I've been in SC for a long time though. Enjoyed your comments above, thank you.

    I love this blog. I'm glad to see it be active again. I missed you guys. Kindred spirits together is the only way we will make it through the days and years ahead. Yes, Here's to more light, Erin!

  5. We watched the live results yesterday afternoon (our time) and to be honest, I've never felt more blessed to live in NZ. Most people here are gob smacked at how things have turned out. Have spent today enjoying meaningful discussion with a friend and feeling grateful for my well as keeping stock of our small but productive garden. Feels more important then ever now to have it!

    1. It means a lot to hear the reactions to the current insanity in the US from around the globe. Thank you, Karen.
      I love Not Buying Anything!

    2. Me too Terri! It's one of the few reasons I'm staying online actually. To hear similar voices to mine in this crazy world xx

  6. Just like Terri, we are also contemplating a relocation to a blue state. We printed out the electoral map and we're trying to figure out where to go. All the blue states have really high costs of living. There's hope in swing states, but I too think that there should be another color on the map. I like purple.

    1. Clamo,

      I've been researching relocation for years now. Here are some of my thoughts.

      I was thinking about Montana for a while. I worry about lack of water and the long cold winter. They went red for this election, but I think there are some fairly progressive areas. It's not a very powerful state, I think they only have 3 electoral votes, but that might not be a bad thing.

      Idaho is a beautiful place, but I won't go there. I know someone who relocated to Boise from Portland, OR. He has a gay son and said, "People in Idaho shoot gay people." I have a dear African American friend who is a chemist. His company wouldn't allow African Americans to travel to Idaho to the company location because of the hatred toward black people there. I probably wouldn't like living in Idaho.

      Colorado continues to be on my mind as a possible place to live. Expensive.

      Virginia too. Continues to get my attention as a possible place to live, not near the coast though. The Shenandoah Valley seems very peaceful and quite beautiful.

      New Mexico. But water shortage there. I like one of their reps/senators.

      Vermont and Maine have been on my list but I haven't research those much. Cold winters. Expensive to live there??

      I've thought about North Carolina. If they can get that crazy governor out of there (and I think they did this election) it might be better there. I live on the SC / NC state line so I hear a lot about what's going on in NC. Asheville, NC has a lot of cool things going on...but housing and employment are problems there. Expensive to live there too. I have a contact who lives in Asheville so I'm getting some local info on that area. The urban areas in NC look good. The trouble is the state legislature is ruled by so many rural senators and reps. It's a huge problem governing the state.

      I've heard some good things going on in Lawrence, Kansas. It would be cheaper to live there, maybe. I love prairies.

      The closer you are to the ocean, the more expensive it is to live. Applies to the west coast and east and probably the gulf, but a little less so than the oceans.

      When I look at that electoral map for possible places I would like to live, it looks bleak. It's telling me a truth about who we are living among. I'm terribly distressed about all this.

      I lack funds to make a move right now too. Not helping. I've determined there is no perfect place. I would be happier if I could live in an area where I could have a small group of like-minded friends, I felt relatively safe and could contribute to the community I live in. I also look at land elevation. I am more comfortable at 600 to 800 feet. I'm not good at high elevations and not good at sea level. I like visiting those places, but wouldn't do well living there. I like prairies and the piedmont.

      A few resources: I look at the city-data website to research demographics. I also use Southern Poverty Law to see how many hate groups there are in an area or state. I look areas up on wikipedia as well, but don't put as much emphasis on what I learn there.

      I've heard that you aren't all that happy where you are in your writing on NBA. Good luck.

      Thanks Gregg and Linda for letting us hash this out.

    2. A quote that goes through my mind from time to time...

      “There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go.”

      ~Tennessee Williams

    3. Thanks Terri for that reply to my comment. We too are considering some of the same states you are, but we're crossing some off because of the cold or the high cost of living. I don't think there's a perfect place to live either, but like you said, I long to have a group of like minded friends I can have an intelligent conversation with. Yesterday I walked my dog and asked my neighbor, "How are you today?" His reply was, "Ding dong the witch is dead." Sigh.

    4. You know, Clamco, I've been thinking...It's quite possible that the new lines that were drawn (aka gerrymandering) a couple of years ago are responsible for giving an republican advantage. Reps were in control in congress when the new lines were drawn.

      As we are looking for a place to live, we might do well to look at states with the counties drawn on them and study populations when determining where we would be more likely to find groups of people we enjoy hanging out with.

      I'm not hearing anyone talk about gerrymandering, but I remember that being a hot subject a couple of years ago because of one party being predominately responsible for how the new lines were drawn. The party that has the most pull at a given time lines are drawn, which was republican when the lines were last drawn, will give away some areas to the other party in order to secure more areas for themselves.

      It's pretty clear to see on the North and South Carolina map how that worked out. Both parties want to draw the lines so that it benefits their party.

      I also understand that I am participating in polarization and divisiveness if I relocate to an area that thinks more like I do. I've been told I need to stay here and keep talking and voting to make a difference here where I am. That is a huge responsibility to put on someone. Yet, I have done that. I have participated in a number of things to help bring about change and understanding with both sides, but it goes no where. It's hopeless.

      The force of belief that is born and bred into people is much stronger than anything I can respectfully offer in terms of another way of thinking about things, not necessarily the way I see it, but just another way of seeing it. And still things aren't changing and I don't have friends.

      It's hard when the winning side rubs it in, sad to hear what your neighbor said. All kinds of that going on here too. It will be interesting to see how the people who voted for a businessman to run a government feel about their vote when they see the quality of life plummet even deeper into poverty and violence increases.

      A pioneer of the peace movement in the 60's told me that nothing changes until violence erupts. Sadly, that is when we turn the corner and things begin to change. That is precisely what happened in the 60's and early 70's. We are witnessing some of that today and lately in the U.S.

      Another thing that I think desperately needs to happen is education. Education about our government and how it works. Many of the people I've talked to have no idea that many things that were spewed from the president elect's mouth are in direct violation of the Bill of Rights. If they knew what the Bill of Rights are and what they mean, it's possible they would see that those things can not be executed without rewriting some of our fundamental rights. And rewriting our fundamental rights were have serious consequences to the very people that wanted him to change it! Ironic, isn't it!?

      I can only imagine the shut down we will experience by protesters if he gets close to changing the Bill of Rights. It's fundamental to who we are. NO president wants masses of people marching in the streets. But we've had NO president like the one we are about to get either. So it's unknown what he will think about the people already in the streets and those that will be as we go forward.

      I've commented a lot on this, thanks for putting up with me. I hope I am not out of line. I might not be right and am willing to see it another way. Just thoughts and ideas from someone who would like to contribute to anything that brings change for better for all.

  7. My condolences to the world. I'm ashamed to say that I'm American. Hard to keep up hope in these dark times. Rebecca Lewis

  8. It's only now (a few days after the election) that I've gotten back online. I'm stunned and saddened that this terrible thing has happened to my country of birth.

    Thanks to Canada for opening it's arms to all. I'm extremely polite and am sure I would fit in, but alas that isn't to be.

    As for moving to another state: There are pockets of open minded people in many states that are (so called) "red". I once lived in Eureka Springs, AR and it was a wonderful place of inclusion. I know of a few other places like it throughout the red states. I'm sure they can be found with a little research. College towns are a good place to start. Someone suggested this morning that more liberal folks should move to red states to change the face of the electorate.

    In the end I know that I am a child of the universe, not one country or place. My greatest sadness is for this wonderful planet. I think this is the death knell for any chance of saving our environment.

  9. A great list of resources to process the election results. Michael Moore's Morning After List is point on. I'll give that link separately.

    This list comes from Everyday Feminism. The article is titled, "20+ Resources to Help You Process After the Election of Donald Trump" posted on Nov 9, 2016 (in case the link doesn't work.)

    Link to Michael Moore's Morning After To-Do List 5 point plan. It is getting shared at a rate 30,000 times an hour.

    Thanks, sorry to post so much.

  10. This is a scary time. It saddens me to see the amount of hate, bigotry and nastiness this has released - and in people that I would never have thought were this way, either. But, nevertheless, love and compassion will hopefully win the day. I will keep on doing my best for everyone and the earth and, like Bernie Sanders suggests, get more involved with my local chapters for environmentalism and local government. Fingers crossed we come out of this for the better in the long run.


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