December 18, 2015

Happy Winter Solstice

Earthlings, we are about to pass another celestial milestone. Once again we celebrate the end of darkening days, and the realization that our heat source is not disappearing over the horizon forever.

The darkest day of the year is fast approaching as we reach Winter Solstice in another annual journey around our life-giving star, the Sun. The good news, something humans have rejoiced in for millennia, is that in a few days the light begins to return.

The thing I like about Solstice celebrations is that there is no set way in which to do it - you can mark the occasion in any way you want. Historically such celebrations involved music, lights/fire, prayer/meditation and, of course, hot beverages.

Since this time is a celebration of life, live trees outside can be decorated, rather than dead ones inside. I have enjoyed Solstice tree events in which participants decked out trees with edible decorations for the birds and other wildlife. But it is all about the light, which IS life.

I like to watch the sun rise and set this time of year, and savour every bit of daylight. It is a great time to get outside and enjoy the shortest day of the year before heading home to share a bright, cozy meal with loved ones.

Very soon spaceship Earth will be on its way to brighter, warmer days. Celebrating that now makes the next few cold months easier to manage. Our Sun is coming back. We are going to live.

If you are in the southern hemisphere, enjoy your summer solstice. Please send warm thoughts and light our way.


  1. Happy solstice to you too! I am sweltering in 30 degree heat!

  2. Happy Solstice!! Wishing the NBA Community a Time of Blessed Warmth and Light!

  3. It's in the 40s this morning in Alabama, but there's been lots of sunshine here which makes me happy. We had a beautiful sunrise yesterday morning too. Happy winter solstice!


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