December 26, 2015

We Want More Than The Earth Can Give

We want more than the Earth can give, and the consequences are catching up to us.

There is a word for what happens when we harvest resources faster than the earth can replenish them. That word is 'deplete'. We have depleted all of our resources because we thought we could have whatever we wanted whenever we wanted it.

We can't.


use up the supply or resources of:

"fish stocks are severely depleted"

synonyms: exhaust · use up · consume · expend · drain · empty · milk · reduce · decrease · diminish · slim down · cut back

diminish in number or quantity:

"supplies are depleting fast"

If we can see things as they truly are, maybe we can avoid total civilizational collapse. Maybe 2016 will be better, but don't count on it. All we can do is prepare for what is coming if we continue to take more than Earth can provide.

The way to rectify resource depletion is to use less resources so that the Earth can recover. If that doesn't happen, and now, a depleted resource base combined with a growing population means future humans will have to live with less.

Before us is an unprecedented opportunity to renounce the shallowness of consumerism and mundane materialism, heal ourselves and the planet, and provide enough to meet everyone's need.

Here's to a better, simpler 2016 in which the Earth can recover from our over-reaching desires. Greed is so last year.


  1. It feels overwhelming to try and change people wo seem deeply committed to depleting as many resources as they can. So many are oblivious to the concerns of those who follow this blog. Some people are actually creating a counter defense to those of us who are reducing our footprint. Some are even angry at us for living lighter.

    Being angry and defensive at the truth speakers seems to justify and dignify their privilege to overconsume.

    I witnessed materialism and consumerism out of control over the Christmas holiday here - up close. It was staggering. It looks like a machine on steroids. It is void of feelings. Void of understanding. Void of appreciation of nature or our most precious natural resources. Void of humanism. It's just "stuff" so void of connection or love.

    Cheap gas and cheap goods aren't helping us. It causes mass consumerism.

    I saw many plastic bags of "trash" piled up at the trash compactor here. Bags of non recyclable wrapping paper, boxes and containers that their gifts were packed in. All bagged up at the trash compactor, a temporary storage area until it goes on to the landfill.

    It makes me see my efforts at becoming less materialistic as being a minute piece of answer. I'll keep pressing on though. Keep staying close to my comrades here on NBA.

    Good film clip.

    1. Terri,

      Throughout history messengers speaking uncomfortable truths have been ignored, ridiculed, ruined and vilified. I think that people can see where this is all going, and it isn't a pretty place. But instead of that realization vaulting them into action leading to positive change, it is used as an excuse to go overboard in the opposite direction.

      "Ahh, what the hell. You only live once." Yah, unless you have kids.

      We are like lemmings headed for the cliff, eager to go over with the pack. Or more like bison, hooves pounding toward a cliff with each individual unable to turn off the herd mentality in time to save themselves. But not all bison go over. Some see what is coming and turn away, but too late for those leading the way.

      We must warn those behind us.

    2. So true Gregg and Annie. I'll keep the lemmings and bison in mind. (smile)

      Christmas is overwhelming to me, especially this year. Mass consumerism and waste was right in my face for weeks among people I care about. It was very hard. I felt very small and even invisible in my anti-consumerism efforts. I'm a lone wolf. None of my family or acquaintances have a clue about how much they are wasting, nor do they care. At. All. I can't reach them without alienating all the social contact I have. To be alienated is a pretty miserable and lonely place to be for someone who needs people and social interaction.

      Things are easing up now that the grand consumer waste event has past. Appreciate the support here.

  2. We exchanged used books and were happy to avoid the craziness. I didn't even gain weight. Terri, people are changing. Our church agreed to cut back on presents to donate to a clean water project in Ghana. My ladies club stopped exchanging gifts years ago and donates to a local food charity instead. Keep believing we make a difference. Annie

    1. Annie,

      Progressive churches are often at the forefront of positive social change. The Pope is certainly encouraging such acts as done by your congregation. Congratulations on avoiding the toxic craziness. It can be such a peaceful time of year, as it was originally intended. Quiet contemplation is in order over the next few days, and around the year on a regular basis.


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