September 23, 2015

Boycott Corporate Malfeasance

Evil doers abound these days. There are so many things to boycott that it is hard to keep track. Linda and I have been growing our list of boycotts for years as we learn more about the way business is run these days. Are we buying from companies pulling a VW and lying to us about their practices?

The responsible consumer must do a lot of research these days to find out who is doing what.

They don't make it easy. It is almost as if corporations are trying to hide something from us, and they are - the list of nefarious activities by corporate entities is well documented.

Whether it is United Fruit overthrowing the government of Guatemala, Union Carbide's Bhopal disaster, or Enron ripping off investors for 25 billion dollars, corporate malfeasance has become business as usual rather than isolated events.

The following is a list of just a few companies that come to mind that are included in our ongoing boycotts. The longer we thought about the list the longer it got. We could add more, as you will be able to as well.


With mergers and name changes it is increasingly difficult to avoid crappy business practices. The simplest thing is to buy as little as you can, thus avoiding supporting businesses that have a net negative overall benefit to humans and other living things. 

No one in charge seems to have the integrity and moral compass to revoke the corporate charters of highly organized and entrenched criminal business organizations. But we can evict immoral companies from our lives.

Indeed, this is what they are most afraid of - us choosing to make them and their crap irrelevant in our new world. If enough people do so, eventually the corporations themselves will truly and gloriously disappear into the pages of a troubled corporate history. 

And the world will rejoice. What companies are you boycotting? 


  1. Thank you for the list. I was pleased to see , that I havn't used any of them for a very long time. I try to avoid Palm Oil and wool from producers where the sheep suffer for profit, I try to make good choices, but like you say, it's not always easy to know. They aim to trick us for profit. I wanted a handbag a while back and wanted quality that would last and I wanted to know about the background of the product. I was very afraid of buying dog skin from china. Great animal suffering for profit. The saleswoman was quite rude and pretended (?) To have no knowledge of where her products came from. Strange as she owns and runs the shop. To buy as little as possible, to mend and make do is my main defence. Pam in Norway

    1. So much to boycott, such little time. Palm oil is a good one. Your defences are the way to go. Much easier that way, and more satisfying.

  2. My list of boycotts is long too. It's easier to think of who I would like to make purchases from. At best, it is very difficult to boycott most of the companies doing criminal and suspious things. Agree, our best way to live is with less. Have to say that VW trickery was pretty bold!

    I think planned obsolescence is pretty tricky too. "The Story of Stuff" is an excellent free video that explains it very well.

    Another thought is I am unable to live totally self-sufficient, grow all my food, build my own shelter, live without money in our current world, don't buy anything that comes in plastic, or anything made in China, etc. There are times when I am boycotting so many companies that it becomes stressful. Sometimes, I just have to live. I do boycott and do keep my purchases minimal. I also know I'm doing much more than the average citizen to reduce my footprint.

    1. You are right, Terri. It can be exhausting trying to uncover the insanity and not support the dark side with our dollars.

      I remember when I was teaching and was told that in addition to everything I had to do in the classroom, I also had to fight for my job and public education. It was disheartening to not be able to just focus on the kids and their needs.

      Since then I have had to add to a (growing) list of "things I have to fight for". Why can't we just have a bit of sanity and a whole lot of compassionate cooperation? Why can't we just live?

      It is time, perhaps, to get the psychopaths out of positions of power in government and business and restore integrity into the system. We can also choose our reaction to the current state of affairs.

      I am trying to work on my acceptance (which can be equated with mindfulness) of things as they exist. What if things are playing out exactly as they should? In addition to taking action for a better world, we also need to remember to enjoy the moment and let things be without resistance or judgement.

  3. We try and fix everything possible in our household before replacing it. When we moved into our house it had all new appliances from the previous owner so our stove is only five years old, but it has broken three times already - distasteful, appalling! We do the research, purchase the part, and fix it as opposed to replacing it. Likewise for our dishwasher (same age). Very frustrating. Our dryer has only lasted one year before breaking in two ways, but as always, we'll get the parts instead of another dud from the store.

    When we do have to make purchases of a smaller variety I try to shop at thrift stores, consignment shops, and the like. At least that way it feels like the money is going more into the community again instead of the corporation's (very, very deep) pockets.

    The rampant greed of companies always gearing to increase that dollar profit line is so disheartening. It's all about money. And I find that so strange because money is entirely a manmade concept. Deluded.

    1. These are tried and tested methods of living a more eco-conscious lifestyle. We have to start appealing to the best in people instead of driving our system with greed.

      Here at the end of consumer capitalism and a functioning ecosystem, the delusion and desperation are palpable. 1% of the population now own fully 50% of the world's wealth. I wonder if that is enough, or if they are going to go for the full 100%?

      Thank you for not feeding the monster.


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