July 29, 2015

Simple Living Is Spontaneous Living

Spontaneity is the quality of living freely and following our own energies and tendencies. It is moving with the life force. It feels great to allow ourselves to let go and be totally spontaneous. These are the moments we are truly ourselves.

Modern lifestyles generally value structure, planning, and discipline over spontaneity. Spontaneity comes to be seen as childish. Even as children, many of us were forced to control our spontaneity and be more "grown up". Boring.

As adults we are expected to behave in a rational, contained manner. Most of us have lost our connection with our true spontaneous spirit and have fallen into a stultifying predictability. It can be very refreshing to quit "adulting" for a while and channel a more child-like approach.

Time and space is required in order to step out of the repetitive life, be present, and live moment to moment. Living simply allows us to regain our natural spontaneity and enjoy life as it comes.

 Often the best, most exciting moments in life are unplanned, random and spontaneous.

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  1. Ah, I needed something light tonight, glad to see this post in my inbox. My most memorable experiences and trips have been the spontaneous ones. No schedule, no planned activities, except in general to be outside or to camp and go with what came to mind. The best part was no destination planned, no weather-checking, just living moment-to-moment as they unfolded.


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