July 6, 2015

Give 'Em The Finger

Over the weekend the brave citizens of Greece, in a bold David and Goliath move, gave the big bankers the finger. They stood up to the greedy giant and said, "No more bullying".

The referendum result was a rock fired from the sling of democracy, and it hit the bully right in the temple.

It is heartening to see little people stand up to power. The story is one well liked by people everywhere, because the story of abuse of the small by the large is tragically well known.

How wonderful that we can all be Davids slinging rocks toward strategic targets in order to fell the selfish and unjust that are not too-big-to-fall. We can all do our little bit, our actions will build and reach the tipping point, and then we will see them topple.

You may not think you have any rocks for your sling, but you have many. Every action and decision can be a rock cast at a plethora of giants. Take your pick.

When you buy organic you give the finger to GMOs.

When you repair something you give the finger to planned obsolescence and the throw away society.

When you cook your own food you give the finger to the fast/processed food industry.

When you wait and save money before buying something you give the finger to the usurers in the big banks and credit card companies.

When you educate yourself and speak out you give the finger to governments that only want ignorant, quiet and compliant consumers.

When you ride your bike instead of driving you give the finger to the fossil fuel industry.

The giants know the story of David and Goliath just as well as the little people... and it scares them. They know how it ends. That is why they want to restrict our freedom, our rights, our throwing hand.

But in the end, just like in the ancient story, the small and seemingly insignificant always win. Regardless of how much they try to stifle us, it never works.

Give them the finger. Use your sling. Bring them down with every little thing you do every day. It is happening, and like the news from Greece, there is more evidence every day that the Goliaths are trembling. They can see the inevitable outcome - they are starting to fall already.


  1. YES! A great big YES!

    Go citizens of Greece!

    I believe my small acts of boycotting and giving the finger to lots of little things do matter. It's standing up to power to refusing to be manipulated by them. Refreshing to be reminded.

    The people here in South Carolina, USA are standing up against the powers that keep racism firmly embedded in the culture here. It's exhilarating.

    I have to say I've been concerned about the younger generation and the attitude of entitlement that's been wired into them by marketing, etc. But I'm now noticing they are coming out of the woodwork and standing up for things that matter. It's quite impressive to see them saying NO to the old way of doing things. They are using social media to this advantage and not afraid to stand up, shout out and changes are happening. There is hope.

    1. Most of the time it seems like change happens slowly, but at others it can occur surprisingly rapidly. We are reaching a turning point where so many things are peaking at the same time. We have passed a critical point and the people are ready to create a better world.

      It must be amazing to be where you are right now in this historic moment. Hate, whether for other people or the earth, can not take root in a garden of compassion and love.

  2. A really great way to put it, love it!! Makes all my small efforts feel more meaningful. Pam in Norway

    1. Pam,

      All our small efforts will add up to a better world for all. It all happens on decision, one vote at a time. I celebrate your efforts. Thank you.

  3. Right on! You are correct, and giving them all the finger feels really good. Cooking from scratch, buying used when needed, and driving our hybrid car minimally all make life sweeter.
    I have been dreaming of a way to give airlines the finger (I know, don't travel...I have a weakness for mountains and forests). Our recent flight to the Pacific NW was standard: the needs of the consumer took a backseat to the gnawing hunger of capitalism.
    Is there a way to get WA closer to TX? Maybe retiring there is a good plan. ;)
    Thanks for your refreshing support in living the simple life, as always!


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