April 22, 2015

Mother Earth Is Sick

Yes, it is an emergency.

Mother Earth just called. She's in the emergency ward of the hospital and won't be able to make it to any of today's celebrations.

In lieu of flowers she would like us all to make changes that will improve her health. She said she loves us very much and wants us to be healthy, which can only happen if she is healthy.

Then she thanked everyone that is working toward getting her home in one piece, and reminded us to take comfort in her beauty. And there truly is lots of that left, if one takes the time to look.

"Where is it?" I asked. She responded without hesitation.

Beauty above.
Beauty below.
Beauty before.
Beauty behind.
Beauty all around.

Then she fell asleep and I hung up the phone. Shortly after a pileated woodpecker flew by and landed in a tree in the yard, red crest brilliant in the morning sun.

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