February 25, 2015

People vs Nature

I am no misanthrope. I love people, and believe that service to others is our highest calling. Particular individuals (some call them "leaders"), however, are really trying my capacity for unconditional love.

I wouldn't even say I am anti-social. But I must say that after reading what our "leaders" are up to, I like nothing more than to be alone in nature.

Lately the human world is confusing me. Nothing seems to be working as it should. Instead of evolving, we seem to be devolving. Soon we will be led right into extinction, and the natural world will be all that is left.

Steven Hawkings is saying that humanity has about 100 years to leave Earth or it will be "too late" for our future survival. Either we will perish from some sort of natural disaster, he says, or by our own hands.

As fun as it would be for a while, I would eventually be depressed to be the last person on earth. It would be miserable to not have someone else around. Nature though, would rejoice our absence from the planet.

I dearly hope our misanthropic leaders don't kill us all. Our sun going supernova would be preferable, but ultimately I would be most pleased if we would just stop hating everything and try love for a change.

Rather than people vs nature, it should be people and nature working in harmony and peace. 


  1. With my whole heart I agree. I've also been deeply discouraged as of late. I know in the end that nature will eliminate our species as a way to survive. Can't help think that we deserve no better.

    1. Miss Marla,

      All the negativity might be useful if it motivates The People to turn off the TV and take some action to save our planet from the greedy and selfish folks that are currently in charge. If so, we can certainly turn this thing around.


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