February 9, 2015

Appropriate Euphoria

Experiences in nature are an effective way to induce euphoria.
Definitions of euphoria can take the form of an elusive metaphor, or can be as technical as the production of certain endorphins, but generally the term refers to feeling really great.

There are many natural things that can induce a euphoric response. Researchers have described the euphoric effects of intense love as similar to those of cocaine: exhilaration, excessive energy, sleeplessness, and loss of appetite.

Some conditions can lead to what is called inappropriate euphoria. Inappropriate feeling good. Hmm.

When someone who is expected to feel pain, either mentally or physically, feels none, the experience is considered counter to social norms and is therefore considered inappropriate. Or maybe it is being tough, or resilient, or aware of the fact that things can always be worse.

Can euphoria ever be called inappropriate? Wouldn't it be that if we were truly aware of the potential and possibilities of our existence every waking moment would be euphoric?

Here are a few natural (and mostly free) things that can lead to euphoria of the appropriate variety (whatever that means):
  • positive thinking
  • touch
  • love
  • really spicy food (like fresh salsa with habanero peppers)
  • music
  • play
  • laughter
  • nature
  • exercise
  • art
  • waking up in the morning

I love you. 

Did you feel the rush? Ha, ha, ha.

Did you feel it again?

1 comment:

  1. If it makes you feel good...and doesn't harm anyone (including yourself!)...then it's good!


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