March 24, 2014

I Want Monday

I want to be in nature surrounded by beauty and life, such as in this photo which I
 recently took in a local park a few kilometres from our home.

"I want to live simply. I want to sit by the window when it rains and read books I'll never be tested on. 
I want to paint because I want to, not because I've got something to prove.  
I want to listen to my body, fall asleep when the moon is high and wake up slowly with no place to rush off to. 
I want not to be governed by money or clocks or any of the artificial restraints that humanity imposes on itself. 
I just want to be, boundless and infinite." 
- Author unknown 


  1. Jessica3/24/2014

    I want that too! I think that may be a life goal for me.

    Best wishes


    1. Jessica,

      If you can envision it, you can achieve it. Sweet, sweet freedom - everyone's birthright.

  2. Anonymous3/24/2014

    After reading your blog for some time now I have to say that I think the unknown author above was writing about you. Let there be peace in your heart and on earth. D.

    1. D.,

      The quote does indeed reflect my lifelong pursuit of the simple life. Thank you for your kind wishes.

  3. You know what, we can all choose this at least some of the time. I've started making Sunday a proper Sabbath - no car use, no screens, no electrical appliances in action (eg washing machine and vacuum cleaner aren't used), no going anywhere unless I really want to, no cleaning. And of course, no shopping! The more organised I am during the week with housekeeping and errands, the more spacious my weekend can become. And I have kids, on my own - they know to organise their lives so that they don't need to be driven to social occasions, or the shops on a Sunday. Some weeks the second half of Saturday can also be unhurried and delicious!

    Have a beautiful day, Madeleine

    1. Madeleine,

      You are so right - we do have the time. It is a matter of priorities, and discipline. You make a plan, and you stick to it. It isn't 'luck' that achieves this, it is hard work.

      But as with anything, it gets easier and more natural to honour our priorities. Your kids are lucky to have an adult like you modelling a healthy lifestyle.

      Less rushing busyness, more spacious moments.

  4. Me to, except for the painting, I am crap at art. Can I substitute it for planting or weed pulling? Just fabulous as always.

    1. T.M.,

      There is an artist within everyone, and it comes out in different ways for all of us. Planting things can certainly be thought of as an art. Nature is both palette and canvas.

  5. Anonymous3/25/2014

    Oh, I want that too. Of course I do. And what I want even more is an answer to the question: how can some people NOT want that??? ;-)

    1. totheredhouse,

      Some people like their work. Some people would do their jobs even if they didn't get paid. But I question how many people are actually in this category. Others think they would be 'bored' if they didn't do some sort of paid work.

      Or that they might starve. Hunger, like fear, is a great motivator for entering what amounts to the forced labour market of today.

      But there are ways out.

    2. Anonymous3/28/2014

      I was just about to write a response to this but you have kinda beaten me to it. I went to and saw this very quote, about being boundless and infinite, and about 80% of the comments were along the lines of "yeah, but having a roof over your head and food to eat means you have to work", or "So, you want to be rich then?" meaning that the *~only~* people who can willfully and physically adhere to what that quote is saying are the rich who can somehow "afford" to have no servitude to the clock and to currency. That the 'po' fokes' are just sitting there in their mire of whatever and suffering and that this quote is just "unrealistic" and "idealistic" but never REAL. So tell me, --as I do not agree with those sour grapes commenters -- what are ways out? I have no debt, no credit cards, no kids, I live with someone I love in a very naturally-beautiful place, I split all costs down the middle with this person, we're pretty egalitarian. Thing is, I have this...mind trick, if you want to call it that, that I am bored without a paying job. I am creative as it is but I would think "wouldn't I be somehow happier if I helped someone else out with the perk of getting paid for it?" Sounds like social conditioning, yes? I think it is. I came from a place that is very money-minded and their values I have pretty much destroyed in 2010 when I came across your "funemployment" article when I was laid off. I too worry about running out of money, but at the same time I don't want to be for sale to some stranger. The person I am with assures me that our expenses are low -for where we live, they are mighty low!- and that if I fell short, she would assist. Thing is, I have been fiercely independent almost all my life and the thought of...not so much dependence but being flat-ass-broke, scares the hell out of me to be honest. I apologize for my lengthy replies, and if this appears like I am using you in the style of a therapist, I just want to say that you have about 15 years on me in this path that the both of us are walking in similar ways. I would rather speak/write to a Canadian blogger who has a clear mind and a Zen approach, than a PhD who is paid to care.

      I believe I have left enough replies that you kinda know my writing style, but my name...
      ~The Finder of Lost Articles

    3. Anonymous3/29/2014

      edit: I know some of the ways out, but I wondered when I typed this if there were any ways that haven't been tried before, outside of things such as reducing desires+possessions, having the space and tools to make a tiny house, belonging to a CSA, etc.

      once again, sorry for the lengthy post

    4. The Finder of Lost Articles,

      Congratulations on coming out with your new handle - it is good to be able to put comments with a recognizable name so people can keep track of your contributions here.

      Speaking of contributions, we love them all, long and short. We want NBA to be a place people can come to for support and understanding, as well as a place to share their experiences. We encourage you to continue participating in any way that is useful to you since we will all benefit from the interaction in the end.

      A way out that I am continually fascinated with is the idea of a Guaranteed Annual Income that would be paid to every person in the country (I would like to see it done globally). Since it would replace the current maze of disjointed social services that tend to be bureaucracy-heavy, it would save money overall.

      A GAI would make up for the fact that capitalism and private ownership have distinguished humanity's right to be supported by nature without resorting to money.

      If there is no alternative to forced labour, then is anyone really ever free?

      Actually, experiments with GAI have already been tried, one of the most famous being in Canada. In all the research I have seen, all the experiments wherever they were ran, turned out impressive, positive results.

      This would be the best way out for the greatest number of people. There is obviously more than enough money in the world. All we are missing is the political will to do the right thing for the inhabitants of this planet.

      Read more about GAI here.

    5. Anonymous3/31/2014

      I have heard of this! Switzerland implemented a GAI while the US government was 'shut down' (read: playing stupid games). I can't believe how greedy people are in congress and that everyone else must play to their will of do or die when you have people like Suelo who has been money-free for ~12 years. It makes me think that such a lifestyle is attainable and can be done. I have read about moneyless people and they all...they ALL have to have thick skins around people, because the comments on some of those articles always blames them for mooching off of any system, sponging off other people (as if reciprocity isn't a thing?!) and making other people --whoever these poor sods are, give me names and faces here-- "pay" for them to have no money. How is this done again? You take what's freely given, you offer barter or services for everything from food to housing, and there's always That Person who hides behind the word "taxpayer", as if living a radically different lifestyle OUTSIDE the system that kills is somehow...evil?

      There's not much logic to what most humans deem "normal" and "right". I am totally for a GAI, better yet, I am for the complete abolishing of money altogether. No other species does this to its own kind, and looking at how humanity has been doing things for the last 200 years, I have hope in thinking that this unbridled greed and injustice can't possibly last forever. Hell, I am still struck dumb at how the population boomed since 1950. I still have to remind myself that the earth wasn't always overpopulated. I have to remind myself that the world wasn't always a broken, degenerate hole. I have to remind myself that people used to be kind, to trust one another, and help one another....what the eff happened....?



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