January 6, 2014

Make It Last: Be Gentle

The world could use more gentleness. It is the way to be good to things and make them endure.

St. Seraphim told his followers that by adopting a personal spirit of gentleness, thousands of people around them could be saved. Could gentleness also save thousands of dollars?

It can.

Anything treated gently will last longer than if treated harshly without due respect and care. Being gentle is something that has beneficial effects whenever and wherever it is practiced.

When applied to our relationships, gentleness establishes and maintains a safe and supportive environment that honours the individuals with whom we interact.

Gandhi said that you can shake the world, in a gentle way. Surely if gentleness can do that it can also make things last. And it can, whether it is a thing, a relationship, or the very Earth itself.

Try a little gentleness. It is a great way to make things last.

1 comment:

  1. After a stressful morning with the children, this post is exactly what I needed. Thank you.


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