January 8, 2014

Getting Off The Grass

No grass here - urban garden allotments in Geneva, Switzerland
Looking for good news? Look no further and check out the growing trend toward getting off our addiction to grass, and replacing lawns with food.

Wide expanses of grass for purely aesthetic reasons are thankfully going extinct among those who have realized you can't eat grass. Unless you are a Canada goose.

Goodbye to manicured lawns, hello to the productive and eco-sensitive cultivation of the land. Around the world urban agriculture is on the increase as lawn-covered, mono cropped, death zones are replaced with diverse life-giving fruit and vegetable plots.

In Switzerland there are almost one million allotments representing 50,000 hectares, the equivalent to 3,000 medium sized farms.

72% of Russians cultivate a bit of soil for sustenance, as do about 80,000 urban farmers in the city of Berlin.

We are getting off the grass and replacing lawns with food. Local, fresh food.


  1. Now to get laws changed that don't allow people to plant gardens in their yard!!

    Great picture, by the way. At first glance, I thought that it was a photo shop of what we hope the future will hold. But no, it exits! Wow! Lets hope that many more countries and communities will adopt this way of life.

  2. Incredible picture! I too thought it was PS'd as a "futuristic" version of the US.


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