December 2, 2013

Just Enough Is More Monday

Less isn't more. Just enough is more. More than just enough is less.

The not-so-secret secret to simple living is recognizing the optimal quantity of anything you need to realize your goals. It is finding the sweet spot of just enough.

As some point less leaves you longing. Your life's potential is not realized if you lack.

And if you always desire more, you will never know the life-affirming freedom of contentment. When you find your point of just enough, more is merely an expensive distraction from what is really important.

The best things in life aren’t things. A healthy person with very little is better off than one with great material wealth and a terminal disease. A person with a small income and few things can enjoy friendship, love, and the beauty of nature just as much as anyone.

Perhaps more so, since those seeking simplicity are less burdened.

What matters is the purpose that possessions play in our lives. Do we look to our things to provide us with meaning and security, or are we looking at them merely as tools that can help us fulfill our purpose?

Neither lack nor luxury will get us to where we need to be.

Just enough will.


  1. Balance is the key. Recently I found that I needed a warm winter coat. I live in a place that has harsh winter weather, so no coat wasn't an option. I actually agonized over buying a coat! I tried to source it second hand locally to no avail. Finally I found one online at an auction site. This whole process was playing on my sense of doing without. Then an epiphany! I was beating myself up over something that I couldn't control. I truly had a need for that coat. Without it I would be miserable and cold. It's not about how many things we own, but on achieving a sense of enough. There's nothing wrong in wanting a little comfort. A feeling of being safe, warm and fed is something for which all creatures strive. I must remember balance!!

    1. Miss Marla,

      We like the way you think. Being safe, warm and fed is good, and enough. From there we can do all sorts of things.

      You are taking proper care of yourself and the planet. That is the way.

      Or should I say The Way?


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