September 11, 2013

Special Places

Roche Cove Park is a special place that I bike to often for rest and relief - it is my sanctuary.

I have always been drawn to certain places in nature - special places that have exerted their force of attraction on me. Such wild places, rich in natural beauty, have been my sanctuary over the years. These sacred, magical points of power have saved my sanity on numerous occasions.

In my special spots I sense an increased and/or unique natural energy that is mesmerizing and rejuvenating. Who couldn't use some rejuvenating from time to time? I do believe it is a necessary requirement for a sane existence in a crazy world.

My current favourite special place is an 8 km bike ride from home. Almost the entire route follows a trail laid over an old rail bed used between the early 1900s and the 1950s to move giant logs and freight. 

Now it is a train-free, motorized vehicle-free corridor allowing peaceful transit across a beautiful landscape of forests with mountain and ocean views.

I frequently use the trail to trundle myself to my special place for a bit of refuelling. My caboose of stress decompresses immediately upon arrival.

Populated by patient trees, this power point juts out into the ocean allowing waves to play on its black rock perimeter. The sound of lapping water provides a backdrop for the vibrant beauty that shimmers everywhere. 

It is quiet, and private - just me and the butterflies. I have never seen another person at this location, meaning I can be confident that my train of thought (or no thought) can move along uninterrupted.

No worries. No stresses. Only the soothing, healing power of nature.

Me and a small, rustic bench to sit and ponder, or lay and relax deeply. 

Ahh, saved again.

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