September 13, 2013

The Oil Zombies

"The oil zombies are coming, the oil zombies are coming!"

Warning! The zombie apocalypse is nigh.

Look out British Columbia, the oil zombies are stumbling their way west with outstretched festering arms and mumbling, "We need oil, pipelines, LNG terminals, coal exports, nuclear, rail transport of hazardous materials and fracking."

While the living are investing in planet-saving technologies like solar, wind, biogas, tidal and other sustainable methods, the undead are flogging their dying energy source - fossil fuels.

"Never mind brains and tissue, we need pipelines," the piles of pus implore. "Lots of pipelines."

The only way to dispose of the oily undead is to expose them to logic and reality. No environment, no economy.

If we fail to evolve our way out of the impending fossil fuelled apocalypse, there will soon be zombie ghost tankers laden with zombie oil leaking along our fragile coastline.

Say NO to the oil zombies.


  1. e.a.f.9/17/2013

    the oil zombies are already here. stevie slime has some of his cabinet ministers out here last week to "discuss" the pipelines with the First nations leaders. That most likely is his version of "consultation". I don't know what stevie slime and his slimers are getting out of all of this. The oil is going to China. it is not being used for Canada. It won't lower our cost of gasoline one cent. Why destroy our Canadian enviornment so China can have cheap oil and make more money.

    1. e.a.f., It is getting increasingly difficult to sell the dirtiest oil on Earth. Now the best they can do is "It's better than coal". You are right - none of it makes sense.

      Zombies go home.


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