August 8, 2011

No Turbulence Monday

Our patio container garden - very tranquilo
My front patio is a place I like to go when I am looking for tranquility. It is a peaceful place where I enjoy experiencing the cycles of life.

Our square inch garden has graduated to a square foot garden. There is nothing like growing food and getting soil under your nails. The cycle of life, nurtured by your own hands and unfolding before your very eyes.

The temperature on the water is always a few degrees cooler than further inland, and some doubted vegetables could be grown in this location successfully. There is usually always a cool breeze blowing off the water, and we are in the shade of a centuries old, gnarly conifer.

The Leaning Tree
We have been enjoying nurturing the peas, beans, lettuce, potato, and spinach. Today our garden received the seal of approval from our 85 year old neighbour. Heartened by our success she is considering switching from flowers to vegetables next summer.

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