August 22, 2011

No Meat Monday

"I used to like hanging your artwork on the fridge better before that vegan teacher came along."

Some people think that meat is murder - tasty, tasty murder. For the past 10 years I have not been a big murderer meat eater.

Labels make eating complicated, and are controversial. Discussing food issues has ruined many an appetite.

We are not vegan. Are we even vegetarian? Is being mostly vegetarian like being mostly pregnant? Ovo-lacto semi-vegetarians doesn't sound much better.

We eat low on the food chain. No meat except for the occasional can of sardines and some shellfish for their rich stores of healthful omega fatty acids. We eat a plant based diet - mostly fruits and vegetables - of whole foods. No fast food, no restaurant food, no processed food.

Our food choices enable us to make daily decisions about how the earth will be used to feed us. We want to eat as low-impact, healthy, and sustainable as possible.

You can start moving toward a more gentle, earth-friendly, plant based diet by eating yummy vegetarian meals one day a week.

How about making today a No Meat Monday?

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