March 16, 2011

Eating Seaweed For Protection From Radiation

Miso soup, tofu, and nori
Wow. I thought once the tsunami threat had passed that we were in the clear. But now the nuclear news out of Japan continues to get worse. People on the west coast of North America, myself included, are wondering what the risk of increased radiation is here, and how we might protect ourselves.

The BC Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Perry Kendal is saying that the health risk on the coast is minimal, and that people should not be stocking up on Potassium Iodide supplements. Potassium Iodide protects the thyroid and reduces the incidence of cancer due to radiation exposure.

Even if you aren't worried about radiation exposure, you can't go wrong right now if you introduced a bit of seaweed into your diet. Kelp, wakame, dulse, sea lettuce, kombu, bladderwack, hijiki, nori and other sea veggies are naturally rich in iodine.

This natural iodine can reduce by almost 80% the radioactive iodine-131 that is absorbed by the thyroid. Seaweeds are so effective that even the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission recommends that people consume two to three ounces a week.

Not only that, but seaweed is a super food that is rich in health-promoting nutrients. And as usual, it is probably better to eat an iodine-rich whole food rather than a supplement.
Radiation is not good for you

In order to increase our intake of iodine-rich foods we are planning on making sushi over the next few days. Also on the menu is miso soup with tofu and nori.

Miso, fermented rice, barley, and/or soy, is another super food. It adds flavour when added to dishes, or makes a great quick soup on its own.

Depending on your location, protecting yourself from radiation does not have to be as conventional as a trip to the pharmacy. Small specialty grocers can provide different types of seaweed that you may not find in big chain grocery stores.

I am going to take the threat of imminent nuclear meltdown as an opportunity to learn more about my local sea veggies, and how to turn them into tasty dishes. After some research I will head out to the nearest beach and personally harvest the bounty of the ocean for delicious thyroid-protecting goodies. Something the Japanese have been doing for a long, long time. Let's hope they can continue.


  1. but isnt seaweed from japan

  2. A lot of the seaweed for sale in N. America is from Japan. China produces nori as well, and there is domestic seaweed available in certain locations. But the radiation is showing up here, too. It is an ugly situation. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Problem is DEP can't be trusted. They've been so pro oil and gas manufacturing thus far. Radiation badge.We just found out this week how they've kept secret a more rigorous water test they have and have not been using.


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