June 29, 2022

Dumb Consumer Item Of The Month - Flying Hotel

Today I am launching a new feature that I plan to make a monthly thing. This is the very first of new monthly posts called Dumb Consumer Item of the Month, and I warn you, this first one is dumb to the extreme.

For our inaugural post I present to you one of the most vacant consumer offerings I have seen not only this month, but of all time. 

Yes, it is the nuclear-powered flying hotel that can "stay in the air for years".

This airship crew will be looking for 5,000 questionable consumers that will spend anything to prove they are wealthy enough to entertain the idea of falling for extremely dumb, wasteful stuff and services.

The for now concept-only "sky cruiser", if anyone is lacking in brain cells enough to actually build it, would offer a shopping mall, fitness centre, swimming pools, restaurants, playgrounds, movie theatres, and wedding halls.

It's as if some engineer (that knows nothing of aerodynamics) woke from a bad design dream and during their nightmare hangover decided to try crossing the Hindenburg airship with the Titanic cruise ship.

With that much dumb, what could go possibly go wrong?


  1. Add in Chernobyl for a bit more disaster.

    1. Anonymous6/30/2022

      Ha, ha, ha! I was thinking that after I posted this. Thanks for finishing this disaster off for me. Perfect.

  2. Brings to mind the movie "Snow Piercer." Sorry, but I am not getting on anything originally designed to get one from A to B that has been re-designed to get one nowhere.

  3. Someone tweeted that the Federal Govt (in Australia I think) is 'investing' in machines that suck large amounts of carbon dioxide out of the air. They also pointed out that this is what trees do.

    1. I've been keeping an eye on the Great Green Wall project in the Sahel since it began back in 2007. You don't hear a lot about it but it is an amazing initiative.

  4. I like you. You are so damn good at this.


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