March 1, 2022


The iris pond has flowered
Before the old temple; 
I sell tea this evening
By the water’s edge. 
It is steeped in the cups
With the moon and stars; 
Drink and wake forever
From your worldly sleep.

- Baisao (1675-1763

The most important thing I have been striving toward in life is waking from the worldly sleep of mainstream life.  

Such a goal comes highly recommended by generations of teachers, sages and hermits. 

When we experience awakening, we are free of the illusions of the material world.

I wish to be free of things that would prevent this from happening, and simplicity is my vehicle for doing so. 

If humanity does not make this a collective goal, I fear we will find ourselves in a permanent slumber... as in extinct.

We are getting closer to this outcome with each and every day of our continued sleep walk through life. Time is short.


Is there any other goal worth pursuing?

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