August 31, 2020

Who Are You?

When you are what you wear, 

who are you when you stop buying clothes?

When you are your job and how much money you make, 

who are you when you quit your job, 

or quit working for money entirely?

When you are the car you drive, 

who are you when you quit driving a car?

When you are the party you support, 

who are you when you don't support any party?

When you are the company you keep, 

who are you when you stay home?

When you are the stuff you own, 

who are you when you don't own any stuff?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?


  1. Hello Gregg and Linda- That's an excellent question. To be perfectly honest it feels a little disconcerting at times when all the old labels no longer apply. I feel as though I'm just another creature roaming this planet, until it time for me to be no more.

    1. When everything else is stripped away, there we are. Just another creature roaming the planet. That in itself is magical - to be alive. Until we are no more.

      It is good to hear from you, and we hope you are well.

  2. Sorry for my absence. I think of you both often. I have some catching up to do on posts. I am as well as can be.

  3. Anonymous9/09/2020

    1. A non-consumer. 2. A free person. 3. Dependent - on other people and modes of transport - would never willfully be without my own transport. 4. An independent thinker (because most of us don't agree with either party - we're somewhere in between). 5. A semi recluse who doesn't need other people around, but may enjoy being with them occasionally for a short period of time. 6. An extreme minimalist who lives with only needful things - like most of us did who grew up in the mid 20th century. There's a reason they call it a simpler time: We had small homes, a one car garage, small closets, few clothes, 1 pair of good shoes and one pair of sneakers, 9" plates that only fit enough food for one normal person and desert was a special treat - not a daily occurrence. I couldn't wait to grow up, but I miss those days even though life was far from perfect. Still loving this blog Greg. Deva

    1. We love this comment, and agree that we have left something good behind. We also take joy in needful things, while comforted by the fact that we are unburdened by the unnecessary.


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