September 25, 2018

Pickled Beets And The Cosmic Confirmation

Harvest Moon rising over the Acadian forest from our window.

We have been canning pickled beets over the past couple of days for the first time. We finished our latest round of canning just in time to watch the Harvest Moon rise over the Acadian forest in our back yard.

It felt like some sort of cosmic confirmation as we continue to bring in our harvest and process the bounty.

While the potatoes we have harvested have all been small so far, our garden produced several contenders in the "Mother Of All Beets" category. It took only 3 of the behemoths to fill twelve 500 ml canning jars.

And we have about 15 more MOABs in the garden waiting to be eaten/processed. 

With all the beets still in our garden, this is just the beginning.

Pickled beets for all. It has been cosmically confirmed as the right thing to do.

Pickled Beets Recipe

Wash beets well, remove beet greens leaving 1" stem and root.

In large pot, cover with water and boil until tender. Drain, saving 1  1/2 cups liquid.

Remove skins under cold water, slice or if small leave whole.

Pack beets in sterilized bottles to 3/4 inch and add brine (see below) to about 1/2 inch from the top. Cover with lid, put ring on until finger tight

Process for 30 minutes in boiling water canner.


1   1/2  cups vinegar
1   1/2 cups beet cooking water
1   1/2 cups brown sugar
1   tsp salt

Bring to boil and simmer 5 minutes.


  1. Yum! They look delicious. Thanks for the recipe, I'll definitely try it if my beets grow well.
    Last season I canned home grown rhubarb in sweet juice and my goodness it was amazing!!! Beautiful looking and super delicious. Think the colours look especially good sitting on the pantry shelf :)

    1. Karen,

      I remember canned rhubarb from my childhood. I also enjoyed eating canned crab apples back then. We definitely aspire to filling our pantry with goods we have grown and canned ourselves. Looks great - tastes even better.

  2. You can also shred beets and make borsch. SO good.

    1. We LOVE borsch, and will be making some soon. Lately we have been making peas podge, a recipe from my mother in law, who was born and raised in rural Nova Scotia. In a pot we combine new potatoes, freshly shelled peas, butter, milk and water. I use flour to thicken it. It is one of our favourite harvest time meals. Good with fresh bread. Or cornbread.

  3. I love beets. Enjoyed the Harvest moon last night as well.

    1. Terri,

      Good to know you haven't been flooded out. Beautiful moon.

  4. We couldn't see the harvest moon due to the clouds and rain. I always look forward to it with wonderful memories of my grandmother singing a song about it to me when I was young. I would take pickled beets over chocolate, seriously, YUM.

    1. Marla,

      That is a nice memory. Pickled beets over chocolate - yes, please.

  5. I have pickled beets envy. D and I are just about to move onto our 3/4 acre with mostly greenhouses and veggie beds as gardens. I hope our pickling turns out like yours.

    1. Wow. Congratulations on your move. Very exciting. Will be checking in to your blog to see how things go.


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