September 30, 2017

Advertising: Legalized Lying

"You can't fool all the people all the time. But you can try. It's called advertising." 


“Advertising - A judicious mixture of flattery and threats.”  

Stephen Leacock 

“Marketing is what you do when your product is no good.”  

Edwin H. Land

"Advertising is legalized lying."   

 H.G. Wells 


  1. Anonymous10/01/2017

    I think consumption can be broken into different groups. One being the addictive, compulsive types such as tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, addictive video games, gambling and pornography. These are easy to sell due the compulsive cheap dopamine effect. Illegal drugs are also in this category as they add to economic growth.
    The group could include the entertainment disassociaters such as films, series etc. Different categories have different effects such as romcoms effecting the dopamine and oxytocin pathways while horror can trigger the fight and flight response. The dopamine response is more sophisticated than the above group making these activities less compulsive.
    The last group contains things we need such as building materials and clothes.
    Social stories and narratives about who people are, are woven through with brands, ie I drive this car so I'm x or I wear this watch therefore I'm y.
    I'm not anti capitalism perse as the it can create efficiencies, but what will have is parasitic legalised theft from the financial sector.
    Anyway the fly agrics are out this morning confirming the start of a new natural cycle for renewal in earth time while not noticed by the majority who look forward to Christmas binge.

    1. Alex,

      More and more people in your country, and mine, are 'daring' to question capitalism as it exists today. This is a much needed and welcome conversation that should be promoted right to the top. Before the people start to take things into their own hands.

      I like to notice things that other people do not, like the decomposers quietly and thanklessly doing their vital work. No decomposers - no life on Earth. I like how everything has a part to play in the great dance of life.

      I wonder, "What is the role of humanity in the big picture?"

  2. Anonymous10/04/2017

    Hi, it's hard to work out the role of humanity. Maybe the universe is creating endless combinations of elements. We seem to have sparked self awareness, but if intelligence gives evolutionary edge why are people not more clever? It could be that it's difficult to develop a high level of intelligence. I think a lot of knowledge comes from how our brains use spatial intelligence, thus it's us navigating the geometry of our world that has encoded mathematics in the brain. This would explain why there is no absolute truth in mathematics but why it allows us to manipulate our environment.


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