July 5, 2017

Plant A Garden

Grow food, not lawn. We could use about 8 more raised beds in our yard.
Thankfully, lawn care is included in our rent.

If you are asking yourself if you should plant a garden, the answer is always, YES. There is much enjoyment, wisdom and food to gain, and nothing to lose. Anywhere, any time, the answer is always - go ahead and plant.

Most years since Linda and I met, we have had a garden. We are by no means experts, and you will not read much in the way of gardening advice on our blog. But we will say, "Grow one!" without hesitation.

Nature is an amazingly abundant and magical force, and when nurtured in an organized (or even semi-organized or totally chaotic) manner, wonderful things happen. And since plants are survivors, even temporary neglect can work out, just in case you are worried it will be too much work.

This year we are growing plants new to us: garlic, cucumber, acorn squash, and onions from seed.

One year we were gardening with a partner. In theory, what was supposed to happen was that we prepared and planted in the spring, and she would tend things through the summer while we were away.

As it turned out, it was a case of "If you want the gods to laugh, make a plan". The fully planted garden was untended for several weeks, without additional watering, thinning, weeding and general tending.

Garlic scapes are starting to grow.

As it turned out, it didn't seem to matter that much - we still got wheelbarrow-fulls of food for us and our neighbours. Our garden partner was forgiven once we witnessed the out-of-control abundance that was created in that neglected patch of soil. Not the ideal situation, but not planting would have been a bigger mistake than our choice of garden buddy.

The good things that occur when you grow your own food happen both in the garden, and in your life. You do not need to be an expert, or a work-a-holic. Your garden will evolve to suit you, your skills, and your needs. You aren't just growing plants, you are growing a whole way of living.

Do as much, or as little as you wish, but by all means - plant a garden. Plant anything. Enjoy.


  1. Few years ago we had water restriction ,watering was forbidden.Didn't affect gardens

    1. Saffron,

      Nature is very resilient. Not to mention quite magical. And we are part of nature, meaning we are also resilient and magical. There is hope for the "human garden".

  2. Anonymous7/08/2017

    There are so many good reasons to garden, and like you I have found nature is very generous and forgiving! I manage to produce an abundance of food with relatively little effort.

    It's Winter here now, so planting some bare rooted trees - a few varieties of plums and hazelnuts. Planting a few vegetables also, but it's mostly the time to be feeding and mulching the soil ready for Spring. I find that an hour or two in the garden will cure almost any state of mind that's challenging!



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