June 15, 2016

Top 10 Reasons I Garden

A re-used wood pallet project that might be nice to have for the garden.

While my new garden is a bit late, my enthusiasm is high for pioneering our residential soil situation. The soil in my area is a light brown sandy loam with a fair amount of stones. While it has some nice qualities, such as good drainage, it needs to be amended. But what doesn't need to be changed for the better these days?

Getting soil to where you want it takes time, so patience is a nice quality for the gardener (or activist) to possess.

Developing patience is one of the reasons I garden. There are many, many others.

Here are a few:

Top 10 Reasons I Garden

  1. A garden can't be rushed, and therefore teaches patience.
  2. Vegetables aren't getting any cheaper these days (up 12% over the past year in Canada)
  3. Spending time in the garden means time away from electronic entertainments.
  4. There is no substitute for connecting with nature, and experiencing the green fuse first hand.
  5. My 8 x 16 raised bed will be much more diverse than the grass it replaces.
  6. It is good exercise.
  7. Gardening is a good excuse to get outside, like walking a dog. Except that you can't eat your dog.
  8. Being out and visible in your garden connects you to your neighbourhood.
  9. I like to freely share the garden's fresh food abundance with others.
  10. Veggies from the garden are much more nutritious (and tasty) than the wilted stuff shipped from thousands of kilometres away.

I could probably think of ten more reasons to garden quite easily. But I will stop there. Those seeds won't plant themselves. Happy gardening. 


  1. I love the little miracle of each sprouting seed and growing plant. Even though I planted the zucchini too deep and my potatoes are just sprouted grocery spuds, they are coming up. When they start producing, you really feel great.

    1. A garden is magic. Is freedom. Growing allows us to be producers rather than consumers, and that does feel great. Good luck on your garden.

  2. Anonymous6/15/2016

    What happy memories in the garden. Starting with my grandfather breaking a stick to just the right length, so that I could space beans just right as I planted. As an adult, tending and warding off groundhogs from my kitchen garden. What better way to connect us to the Earth?

    1. I also have amazingly good memories of my grandparents garden. I always thought it was a magical wonderland, and couldn't wait until I could have one of my own.

      How do you ward off the groundhogs? I may have one visiting my garden once it comes up.

    2. Anonymous6/17/2016

      In the end we had to have it trapped and relocated. But it was an ongoing battle. Funny that now I enjoy them so much!

  3. Gregg,

    Thank you! I just moved to a house this winter after living in apartments for the past 6 years - with no space to garden. I was so excited to start my garden, but discovered my ground was less than great. My wonderful oldest son cut some boards for me so that I could build a small raised bed. I bought some soil and planted some herbs and lettuce. I have some flowers in pots too. But just tonight as I worked (and sweated) in the garden I found myself questioning if I had bit off more than I can chew - I also have about 1/4 of an acre of grass to mow with a push mower :(. But your lesson about patience and all the benefits of gardening have reminded me of why I moved here in the first place. There won't always be tons of grass to mow. Love your blog!


    1. Alright Karen! How exciting. Before Linda and I moved here we were in an apartment for 9 years. We found the lack of space to be constricting, plus the management was totally against any ideas we brought forth to grow food on the property. I did grow some food on my patio, but it was more hobby growing rather than sustainable sustenance.

      Now, like you, we have more space, which also means more work. Lawn care is included in our rent, so we don't have to concern ourselves with that, which is nice. I really don't like grass and all the work that must be done to maintain it in its lush green state that people seem to like. Why? You can't eat the stuff.

      Now wheat I could get behind growing in the yard. It is a grass, too. I wonder how our landlords would like that.

  4. Gregg, I loved the picture of the wood pallet storage unit! My son is currently building me a double compost bay in the vegetable garden, but we will have some leftover - roll on the next project!

    Growing, eating and sharing food has to be one of life's greatest joys, and something that certainly keeps me anchored in a world that can feel pretty out of control at times.



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