August 18, 2014

A New View On Life

The recent full moon rising over the forest outside our living room window.

Our new home is giving us a new view on life, and one which we are enjoying very much so far. I think that what we see out of the windows of our homes affects the brain and quality of life. I am happiest when I can see nature when I turn my attention to outside.

A far-away view from my home is essential. I like a vista that my eyes can saunter over as I enjoy a hot beverage at sunrise, or while I cook or do dishes at the end of the day. 

I don't want to see straight lines and 90 degree angles, nor steel, concrete, and pavement. Or traffic. When I look outward I want to see wildlife, big skies and glorious sunrises and sunsets.

Every window in our new home is an idyllic painting full of light and colour.

Once while living in the big city I looked at a cheap apartment in the basement of a 10 suite 1950s building. The bachelor unit had one high window - it looked out at the blank brick wall of the building next door 3 feet away.

As I looked around I wondered how long it would be before I lost my mind if I actually lived in this marginal location. Or would it be motivation for meditation? I didn't stick around to contemplate that one.

I ran to the street, lungs gasping for air and my eyes searching for a more enjoyable, expansive view.

The view looking north east toward the Bay of Fundy and Annapolis Valley.

In our previous home on the west coast we were among the last North Americans to watch the sun set. Now we are among the first to watch the sun rise. After years of witnessing sunsets from the comfort of our home, the sunrises we see from home now have the power to draw us out of bed at ungodly hours of the early morning.

It is difficult to witness the spectacle and not feel invigorated for the rest of the day.

Linda birdwatching in a sunbeam at one of our bedroom windows (before
we moved our bed in from the van).

Our kitchen window makes doing dishes preferable over using the dishwasher.
This is a spot in which I don't mind lingering as the sun sets.

Our neighbour mowing his hayfield with his son along for the ride.

I was doing dishes a few days ago and watched my neighbour mow his hayfield. The next day I watched him collect the hay into bales. The day after that, and every day since, I have been entertained by a woodchuck whose burrow was exposed when the grasses were cut low.

I have never seen a woodchuck anywhere before, let alone from the window of my home. It is a whole new, and exciting view of life here on the east coast.


  1. Gam Kau8/18/2014

    Looks like you found a little piece of paradise. :)

    1. Gam,

      It is beautiful right now, and the fall colours will be coming soon.

      Not looking forward to our first hurricane, and we will see how winter goes. Last winter was supposed to be one of the worst many old timers can remember.

  2. All of the windows in my place are huge, but unfortunately look out onto some grass and trees and...the building next door. I would love to have your views!

    1. Melodee,

      It is nice to be able to see green, even if it is just a patch of grass and a few trees. Adequate green space should be considered a basic human need, and addressed in all city planning.

  3. Your views are beautiful! It's sad how many people are forced to live in places like your bachelor apartment (and worse), although many people appear to enjoy city life, it would not be my choice.

    1. CharlotteP,

      Cities have a charm of their own, and I like to visit them occasionally. But I don't think I will live in a city until it is necessary for health or convenience when we are older.

  4. Anonymous8/19/2014

    To look out of the windows of your home and see sunrises and "wild" and "life" is invigorating. Invigorates me to see it in these pictures. What a marvelous place you call home.

    1. Terri,

      I can't believe our good fortune in finding the place we wanted for the next while. We haven't had such sunlight in our home for a long time. I think we can get some passive solar heat in the winter as the sun shines on our dark floors.

      Free heat would invigorate me.

  5. Wow! What a prize at the end of your long journey. I spend a lot of time teaching or rehearsing in tiny little piano studios in schools and I'm pleased if I can at least see a bit of sky and a tree or two. I often pick a sprig of something from the garden (shhh, don't tell!) just so that I can have something beautiful to look at while I work.


    1. Madeleine,

      We worked very hard to get here so it is nice to see how our efforts have paid off. We are really enjoying getting to know our new home.

      Spending time teaching or rehearsing at a piano sounds like a whole different kind of beauty to me. Windows might just be a distraction.

  6. Anonymous8/19/2014

    A woodchuck makes a mighty fine neighbor and provides endless amusement. We always have one living under our shed in the backyard.

    1. Miss Marla,

      I know some people think woodchucks are a nuisance, but I think they are precious and fun to watch.

      They are expert slackers when they hibernate through the winter months in their cozy burrows - their heart slows to four beats per minute. Talk about efficiency.

      This new neighbour of ours is giving me ideas for winter. I am going to save money by hibernating from January till May. Of course, I will have to fatten up before then.

      You are lucky to have a fine furry friend right under your shed.


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