July 7, 2014

Off Grid On Lake Superior

This was the view from our van this morning when we woke up - Lake Superior.

Eat, drink, sleep, eliminate. Drive, drive, drive. Repeat for 3000 kilometres over six days. Notice I didn't say shower.

We have been on the road and off the grid for so long that we are going feral.

Traveling has its own wild nature, and most of what we are driving through is impenetrable wilderness punctuated by small communities of wild-loving, simple living, self-sufficient folks. Living close to the edge has a way of heightening the senses, of making everything vibrant and alive and ordering your priorities for you.

Safety is a top priority. Danger is everywhere, and that is no exaggeration. We were almost struck by lightning driving in a western Ontario thunderstorm so torrential that we seriously considered converting our blue land yacht into a nautical version for the rising waters. A safe harbour was required.

Last night we commando camped in a highway pullout so beautiful we had to stop. Right on the shore of Lake Superior we watched the light leave the sky to be replaced by blinky displaying fireflies flitting about our toes on the other side of the window. We woke to waves lapping on the beach next to us.

We are wild, we are free, and we are off grid… at least until our next post.

Only 1700 kilometres to go. Drive, drive, drive.


  1. Going feral sounds like a wonderful thing!

  2. Anonymous7/07/2014

    Not sure why I'm having trouble posting comments, but I'll try this again. I can't believe how much territory you've covered. Everyday a new adventure! Looking forward to hearing of the next leg of your journey.

  3. Wishing you a continued safe and serene journey.

  4. Anonymous7/08/2014

    Awesome! Fun to keep up with you. Safe travels, happy trails, Terri


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