March 14, 2008

The End of The Big Lie

The biggest lie of all: Consumption will make us happy
We have been lied to, and all the misspeaking and misdirection has created fear and confusion, as it is intended to do. Our basic human weaknesses have been exploited in order to benefit those that perpetrated, and continue to perpetrate the lies. And of course we have to look at our own individual responsibility, too. But the lies and propaganda are pretty persuasive.

Some classic fibs in my near 50 years?
  • Cigarettes do not cause cancer.
  • You need meat in your diet.
  • Burning fossil fuels can't have an effect on the vastness of the atmosphere.
  • We can never cut all the trees or catch all the fish because our forests and oceans are just too vast. 
  • Plastic is a benign substance.
  • A family can't live on a single income.
  • Animals have no feelings and feel no pain.
  • You can only marry someone of the opposite gender.
  • Everyone has to work full time.
  • People that don't have kids are weird.
  • Vegetarians are weak.
  • Life is getting better as we get more stuff.
  • Real estate always goes up.
  • Climate change is not happening.
  • Corporate rule will benefit us all, and government works for the betterment of society.
I am not buying any of it anymore. I'm not buying the lies or the stuff.

I am taking charge of my life. It is time to go back to how humans have lived across the ages. The emphasis going forward will once again be on a life light on possessions, and heavy on community-minded thinking. The days of "ME" and "MY STUFF" are coming to an end, and just in time. Our future survival will depend on doing things differently.

I am voluntarily conducting my life differently. I am cutting the number of hours I work. I am fleeing from the smog and bustle of the city. I am changing where I go, and how I get there. I am looking at my diet, my leisure activities, and my self.

Along with a reduced income comes a reduced level of consumption. And with reduced consumption comes a slower paced, more local, freer life style unencumbered with the superfluities of modern life.

I vow to do the least amount of harm to my self, others, and the environment. My wish is that others will be inspired by my example and undertake a similar quest to see how they might live more gently on this planet.


  1. Hi. I just found this post. I found the ideas terribly relevant. Hope you post again.

  2. Anonymous7/06/2013

    These posts are balm for a consumer-weary soul, thank you. Your words are clear and true and I have found that attraction, rather than promotion, is the key to sharing our truth with the world. Keep up the great writing! There are more of us than meets the eye! - Simple Living in Texas

    1. Simple Living in Texas, You made my day. Thank you so much for visiting and for leaving your supportive comment. It is great to know that "There are more of us than meets the eye!".

      Hopeful indeed. Let's do this thing, together. We will change the world.


  3. Whenever I feel like getting a good dose of reaffirming the simple life, I just re-read your blog. ^.^

  4. Anonymous7/23/2019

    Just found this blog..wish I had found it earlier...i am late i know but its never too late. thank you so much for writing the truth.

  5. Anonymous4/30/2023

    Here's a funny, but oh so true quote from JL Collins's book A Simple Path to Wealth
    We are relentlessly bombarded with messages telling us that we absolutely need the latest trinket and that we simple must have the most fashionable of currently trending trash.
    Doreen - Florida USA

    1. Anonymous4/30/2023

      Yup, that is right on the mark. Simplicity has given me a break from the bombardment. I am done with all the trending trash, whether it is stuff, or lies.

      Thanks for sharing the excellent quote. Must also look up that book to see how closely it matches the simple path Linda and I took to being debt-free and able to save a bit while on a limited income.

      - Gregg


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