April 1, 2018

All The Signs

The back roads around my home are the perfect place for a quiet sunset ride.

Let's see. Worms crawling on wet concrete after a gentle rain? Check.

Robins calling from tree tops? Oh, ya.

Getting the bike out to go for an evening ride? Yes. That, too.

Spring is here, and that's no joke.


  1. Sunset is my favorite time of day. Happy to hear spring is arriving up there though I know how much you love winter. I'm anxious to hear how your garlic is doing. Spring is here too. Early trees and blooms are popped out. The tree leaves that burst later are popping out today I noticed. I think a few early birds have come out of their shells. I'm starting to hear their tiny voices. Spring here came on strong for a week or so then slowed down as cold and cooler weather kept coming and going. Another week and we'll be well into later spring judging by the tree leaves and blooms. The azaleas were especially beautiful this year. I'll send some photos. Terri


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