March 10, 2017

Nature Invites Us: "Be My Friend"

Nature has an open invitation for us all to become her friend. When you accept, you have returned into a long-standing relationship. The kind that is good for you. Now you will do anything to protect her from all harm.

Be a Friend of Nature. A Lover of Nature. A Defender of Nature. She will thank you in so many life-enhancing ways.

"On the day I am blue, I go again to the wood where the tree is swaying, arms touching you like a friend, and the sound of the wind so alone like I am; whispers here, whispers there, come and just be my friend."
 - Mi’kmaq poet, Rita Joe’s (1932-2007) last poem


  1. Went for a run this morning through the countryside with birds singing. Very relaxing and a nice day to start the day.
    I love nature and have done since a young age. My hope is that humanity will awaken to the damage that is being done to the environment. Let's place the environment at the centre of our culture and adopt permaculture.

    1. Alex,

      That sounds beautiful. Not sure about humanity awakening any time soon. The environmental backlash is just starting to build up some steam. Permaculture gives us the answers to many of our challenges, because unlike the way capitalism treats the environment, it makes sense.

  2. I agree, but do note the downside to loving nature is the heartbreak you feel looking at the damage people have inflicted on it.
    I do my own small bit, I look after a patch of remanant native forest near where I live. But no matter how hard I work I often feel i'll never compete with the amount of land being cleared for new houses, vineyards etc, let alone the damage climate change is doing. I can only hope the world wakes up before we have lost even more.
    Clara, Australia


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